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Production Showcase: Zion Train

September 24h, 2017

zion train, dub, london, universal egg, raggae, live band

Artist Interview: Zion Train

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Dub

Label: Universal Egg

Zion Train, Introduce yourself and who you are.

My name is Neil Perch, founding member of the UK Dub band Zion Train and producer with other bands such as UB40, Gentleman, Gregory Isaacs, 99 Posse and several more.

Take us through a brief history of Zion Train. Any moments that really stand out in your career?


The stand out moments have to be playing alongside George Clinton in Amsterdam, playing under the full solar eclipse in Zambia, playing on Mount Fuji and pissing next to Joe Cocker in the backstage toilets at a French festival.

What was the Dub scene like in the early 90’s, how does it differ from today.

In the early 90's the scene was much more black (ethnically) and working class, it has become a mixed, more middle class scene today and has many more cultural influences that are also noticeable in the music that is being produced.



"Life is an amazing tapestry of influences - musical, sonic, political and spiritual.''

zion train, dub, london, universal egg, raggae, live band


Your fusion of different genres gives you a really unique sound. From where do you pull your influences and how do you incorporate them into your productions?


Influences come from everywhere. Life is an amazing tapestry of influences -musical, sonic, political and spiritual. It all feeds back into the music.

Where do you see the future in regards to the evolution of music and mixing of various sounds? In your own personal vision(s), what can audiences expect to be hearing in the next 10 years?

More mix up, more mash up, more variety and more auto tune.

Tell us about Universal Egg.

Universal Egg was initially started by Zion Train to promote Zion Train music and productions. This expanded into the release and promotion of what we consider to be undiscovered and beautiful music. There is no aim for world domination, just a commitment to quality output. With labels like Studio One, Blue Note, Real World, ECM and Sun Ra's Saturn imprint as inspirations, Universal Egg has grown from humble beginnings, the first releases being distributed by London Transport, to having world wide distribution and a reputation to match.



"It all feeds back into the music."

zion train, dub, london, universal egg, raggae, live band


Give us a sneak peak at one of your upcoming projects.

In the last part of 2018 we celebrate 30 years of Zion Train with some big collaborations both onstage and on vinyl. We will be collaborating with many musical friends from our past years.

What time does the Zion Train depart?

September 1st, 1988 at 9am (you're late).

Zion Train, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This is a mix of Zion Train tunes and remixes from the last 18 months or so featuring dubs and vocals. The tunes are built with love and designed to celebrate the beauty of life - that’s all. Respect

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