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Exclusive Mix: Vom Feisten

January 3, 2016

Artist Interview: Vom Feisten   

City: Berlin

Country: Germany  

Genre: Tech-House 

Label: Ballroom Music, Criminal Bassline

Flo V.F - Happy New Years. What’s your resolution?

Hey guys, Happy New Year! Thanks a lot for having me. I don’t really have a resolution, i just want to enjoy this year as much as I did the last one. With spending the January in Thailand for some shows, I think it’s the right way to start the year.

Your number of gigs have skyrocketed over the last year. What have you done differently to receive this new enthusiasm?

In fact, I didn’t do anything else differently than before, I just started to play shows in 2014. I’m too fresh in the business, I just collect experiences and enjoy what I do.

You have a very unique style in sound. Tell us about some of your earlier influences that helped shape you as an artist today.


Thank you! :) For me it’s really difficult to say what my style is exactly and I don’t think its really necessary as long as the people and I are enjoying it. I made my first musical steps around 10 years ago in Hip-Hop, in my hometown of Hamburg. We used to just hang around with some guys in smoky basements with two 1210’s and a mic and had fun. I always liked electronic touched music but this love totally evolved when I visited my first illegal house/techno open-airs in the port of Hamburg around 4 years ago. With my first trip to Berlin, this love became kind of a marriage. I fell in love with the city, the atmosphere, the vibe...everything. And since I have been living here, my music style is changing every weekend ;)

 "I’m too fresh in the business, I just collect experiences and enjoy what I do."


Are there any specific rituals you have when selecting your music to perform?


Yeah kind of. I always have my folder organized with different styles of music for different rooms, moods and events. Peak, slower, housy, techno, and so on. And before every gig I check out a few things...What kind of event is it, House? Is it an after hour? What is my playtime? Which room? If i can find an answer for this question, I make a new folder with new music for this gig, including music I think will fit into the set and fits to my style. The rest is freestyle.

Since the start of your journey, what is one of the most memorable moments that you have had both on and off the stage?


Off the stage it was definitely at “Plötzlich am Meer,” a nice festival at the Baltic Sea in Poland two years ago. I started the day with a set from my good friend, Leon Licht... and spent around 8 hours on the beach, dancing, smiling, and enjoying! My personal on-the-stage moment was my last gig in the Sisyphos Wintergarten. This room is pure magic: the lights, the people, the sound, the vibe, and  the atmosphere, I can’t describe it. I’ts about feelings!! <3 And of course, i’m really looking forward to play gigs on beaches in Thailand, I love beach parties! 

Give us a little insight on your relationship with Ballroom Music.

Ballroom Music is one of my musical families. It’s a label/booking agency based in Berlin and founded by the “Kaiser Souzai” guys. Alex (on of the Kaisers) is my manager, booking agent, best friend, and mentor. He was one of the first ones who realized my talent and promotes and helps me...Thanks Alex! He got me gigs and shows in a time where my skill-level wasn’t as high, when I was supposed to play in flat parties for a beer or something, but he booked me and organized my South-East-Asia tour in January. My other family is “Criminal Bassline,“ with Mike Book as the head of the crew and Timo Veranta as my brother from a different mother in musical things. I got to know these guys when I came to Berlin and really love them too!

"With my first trip to Berlin, this love became a kind of marriage. I fell in love with the city, the atmosphere, the vibe and everything around."


You released an EP - ‘Unlock’, not too long ago - did it get the kind of attention that you hoped for?


Oh - not really, but we didn’t expect so much from the release. It was the first track from me and Timo Veranta and we just wanted to spread the word. If I hear the track now I would change some things, but it’s okay. The process of learning is everything. But I have to say that the release party was amazing! We played a 3 hour B2B-set in Rummelsbucht Berlin, which is a new venue with a proper sound system. The set can be found on Soundcloud. Two weeks ago I released my second EP called “Rokit,” together with a brilliant dude ,Fabs# from my hometown Hamburg. We got the chance to release on “Mukke“ which is the sublabel of “Katermukke” and this got us a gig in KaterBlau! This EP got pretty nice feedback from some of my idols. This EP can be found on Beatport.


If you and Leon Licht starred in a movie, what would it be called and what would it be about?


I You know the movie ”Snakes on a Plane?” It will definitely not be a movie like this, because Leon hates to fly :D No, I think from the mood and atmosphere of the movie it would be similar to the old Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer movies....but without beating people up. We would beat beers and “Berliner Luft,” travel around, and save the world! :D

Flo, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


I’ve tried to create a mix with a vibe which you can hear at home, at parties, or while hanging out. It starts groovy and turns a little bit deeper and gets rough until the end where I close with a typical melodic closing track. It’s a collection of songs I really like to play in different situations, compressed into 75mins (thanks to the length limit). Of course I hope that the people like this mix and in the end, I have to say, thanks for the invite. It was a pleasure to answer the questions and create this mix. I’m glad that we met in Berlin and can’t wait to have you back here! In the beginning of 2017 I plan to fly over the Atlantic Ocean to see the US and Canada. Hope to spin some records there. <3

End Interview

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