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Exclusive Mix & Interview

March 12th, 2019

Thunderstone Labs

City: Oakland

Country: United States

Genre: Didgeridoo Bluegrass

Label: Lil Shmeat Enterprises




Thunderstone Labs. Introduce yourself and who you are. 

Thunderstone Labs is comprised of two pieces of shit named BLR and K-Sadilla. A friendship forged in fried chicken and that crusty shit at the top of hot sauce bottles. These brothers have been summoned by the Sacred Shmeat to provide the world with an unrelenting arsenal of slaps. These 2 assholes look to rid the world of that one girl at the party who asks to play Taylor Swift or that one fuckboi who thinks he can bribe you to play some terrible song so he can unimpress the ladies with his shitty dance moves. Thunderstone Labs is the future of underground media so grab your fucking shmeats cuz we stay playin the best shit you never heard.


Your channel produces mixes that have a wide variety of sounds. Tell us a bit about the music you find and explain the significance of the word ‘future’ in the title of a genre.


We spend a fuck ton of time listening to music. The Sacred Shmeat has given us special abilities to find the slaps deep in the underbelly of the Soundcloud world. We know when we find a banger because we get a slight tingling sensation in the balls. We call this feeling a “Wiggle Womp.” Wiggle Womps are far and few between but we can never deny a song of its ball-tingling attributes. 


When it comes to Future ball tinglers, the name really is just a label we came up with because we couldn’t think of anything better. We put future on just about anything that sounds futuristic. Or not, at this point we just throw that bitch on a song and pray to god people don’t come with their bullshit and start calling us on it.

Hip Hop, Trap, Grime, and Future music from Oakland, California, United States. Exclusive Interview and Mix with Thunderstone Labs. Brought to you by Smelly Feet Records.

"...we like to snort lines of concentrated protein powder so we can start feeling like bros."



What is your production process? Who does what when producing a mix - from finding music to mixing to writing descriptions, uploading and releasing online.


Well first, we like to snort lines of concentrated protein powder so we can start feeling like bros. Then we do 1000 shmeat-ups each to ensure that our shmeats are strong and our balls are ready for the forthcoming Wiggle Womps. Then each of us presents a playlist of ball-tingling slaps. Then Queso takes these playlists, runs off to his cave where he then sorts through the best songs on each playlist and puts them together in a mix based off what his balls feel are the best. Once the mix is done and uploaded, Queso must ice down his balls because the tingling really takes a toll on him. From there BLR promotes them on our social media channels being sure to use memes for maximum exposure. BLR then does the reach out to the artists telling them they have been chosen by the Sacred Shmeat to be a part of a Thunderstone production.


Having encountered so much new music, and constantly releasing both new and old tracks - Give us some insight as to what you think some future music fusions will be. Anything you would like to hear and see happen? 


It could be anything really. At this point we’re not surprised to hear a fusion of anything, especially in the Soundcloud world. It would be dope if someone made a soundtrack for porn. Or maybe some music specifically made for you to beat your shmeat or flick that bean. Shit like that would make our balls tingle for sure.


PAWGS, Porn stars, Prune Juice, Wet Dreams and more. Tell us everything there is to know about the content on Scumbag Radio. 


Scumbag Radio is a safe space. It’s where we both can truly be ourselves. Scumbag Radio was the second piece of content that actually stuck around. We like to fuck around, obviously, so we wanted to do something in addition to the mixes so we kept trying new forms of content on social media, but Scumbag was pretty much the easiest and most enjoyable to replicate. 

It started off because we wanted to have a podcast where we can talk about music, but us being the pieces of shit we are, it ended up turning into a talk show where we just talk shit and listen to good music, which is essentially what our lives are about anyway.

"The Sacred Shmeat has given us special abilities to find the slaps deep in the underbelly of the Soundcloud world."



What are some of your earlier influences - what life events brought you to this point and where would you like to see yourself ending up?


The whole reason Thunderstone started is because we were tired of going out every weekend and listening to the same fucking songs they played everywhere, all the time. We got so annoyed because all we wanted to do is dance to some good music and we never found a place that played any. So the world can thank the Bay Area’s shitty nightlife scene (at the time) for the creation of Thunderstone.


What is the music scene like in your home town of Oakland, California? Any pros and cons for music producers such as yourselves?


I’d say that the music scene is pretty much dominated by Hip-Hop/Rap type shit. There’s a bunch of rappers out here and it’s cool or whatever, but again it’s annoying to go out every weekend and they only be playing one type of music. 


We’ve been able to find and be a part of the little pockets of producers and collectives that throw different types of parties/events and I’d say its on the rise, but we got a long way to go. 


If you were a psychiatrist listening to Scumbag Radio, what would be your diagnosis?


These guys are sick fucks! and then I would make sure to tell my whole family to listen and send us money. 


K-Sadilla and BLR, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


Our shmeat has always been the inspiration. From the moment Thunderstone was conceived up until now, the shmeat leads the way. We want the audience to know that Thunderstone Labs don’t fuck around. You listen to our shit and you know that we play the best shit you never heard. Our goal is to get your dicks hard and your pussies wet!

Hip Hop, Trap, Grime, and Future music from Oakland, California, United States. Exclusive Interview and Mix with Thunderstone Labs. Brought to you by Smelly Feet Records.
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