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Stefano Infusino

Age : 27      Sex : Male      Zodiac : Capricorn      Country : Italy       City : Prato

Type : Exclusive mix      Genre : Techno      Hardware Laptop, controllers    Software : Ableton 


 Stefano Infusino is an Italian producer of the new techno generation. He was born in Prato (Tuscany) in 1988 and since adolescence he began to discover and be fascinated by the world of electronic music. After years of intense musical experiences, in early 2009 he decided to start producing and after a year he debuted with his first EP on A.Paul's Parallel 125. Then he worked with labels such as Gynoid Audio, Machine Box Recordings, Amazone Records, Heaven To Hell Records, Android Muziq, Kaputt, Cromosom, Metodiq, Repressure Recordings, Translucent and many more.


Stefano loves to test different and unexplored sounds often deep and dark without forgetting the groove that is characteristic of his productions. He is working on new label, in which will release only his own productions, always experimenting and researching modern and innovative sounds."Inst Theories" will aim the creation of a platform for the free expression of the artist, who in addition to releasing solo albums, will involve many great exponents of global techno scene as remixers.


Stefano's music is supported and played by: Chris Liebing, Marcel Dettmann, Audio Injection, Drumcell, Pfirter, Rodhad, Brendon Moeller, Inigo Kennedy, Perc, Alex Bau, Flug, Paul Mac, Jeroen Search, Gary Beck, Nihad Tule, Developer, Adriana Lopez, Raìz, Deepbass, A.Mochi and many more.



Smelly Feet Records: If you could draw your sounds in a picture - what would everyone see?


Stefano Infusino: I think I would draw a number of scattered points on the canvas according to my logic, meanwhile allowing the viewer to join them in the way they prefer, because I think that anyone who makes music provides the tools through which the person can build their own trip.


Smelly Feet Records: This picture that you just drew, what has influenced you in the past that has led you to illustrate sounds in this way?


Stefano: I always love the freedom to think, and how I love to be free, I like that the people can see the picture in the same way.

Some clubs, promoters, labels promote music like a simple product that the audience can consume and many projects appear standardized... all looks like the same picture. With the points that i draw, people may escape from this.


 "The goal is to keep doing what I like, and continue to express myself."

SFR: In the vast world of electronic music, where lies the challenge in expressing yourself without compromising any of your ideas?


Stefano: At the moment the scene is close to saturation and listening around, there isn’t too much fresh and original music.. the goal is to create something different. This very challenging for me.


SFR: Tell us about your label “INST Theories”.


Stefano:  Inst Theories is a platform for total experiment; release my original stuff with the addition of remixes from artists that I respect a lot. After the first two releases (the first a solo EP and the other with remixes by Brendon Moeller aka Echologist and Mark Morris), the 28/04 will be the 3rd EP released, titled, "Nemesi", which includes remixes of Lendro Gamez and Jeff Rushin. The first support came from Luke Slater, Marcel Dettmann, James Ruskin, Ben Klock, Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Rodhad, Exium - not bad i think :)


SFR: How do you manage your time as a DJ, Producer, and a Label Owner?


Stefano: In the last 2 years I have taken a long time to complete work of any kind. I try to carve out a space for all three things.I give the same importance to each and all are very important in different ways, but compliment what I love making - in all its different phases.


 "...the scene is close to saturation and listening around, there isn’t too much fresh and original music.. the goal is to create something different."

SFR: Of all the accomplishments thus far in your career, which one stands out the most?


Stefano: I would say that all of the objectives that I have reached, from posting on labels that I have always followed and I respect, to starting my own label, to receiving support from my absolute idols, and above all, to see the people who follow and show passion towards my music - this is already a satisfaction.

SFR:  Is there anything you would like to accomplish i

n the next few years - personal or career related?


Stefano: The goal is to keep doing what I like, and continue to express myself.I think it is the most important thing for today and for the future.


SFR: If you were a DAW plug-in, which would you be.


Stefano: Mmm a synthesizer think.


SFR: Stefano, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


Stefano: I recorded this set after four days away from music, a very long time for me, and i really needed to play. The inspiration was strong and grew a lot during the set. hope you enjoy!

                        END INTERVIEW

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