Exclusive Interview

September 14th, 2019

Rico Casazza

City: London

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Electronic Music

Label: Cultivated Electronics / Archipel

/ Loose Lips / 22digit Records 






Rico, welcome. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?



Hey guys, thanks for finding me out from the depths of the internet for this interview! It's very nice to find out someone is interested in your profile. 


Nothing much - My name is Rico Casazza, an Italian soul living in London for 19 years and making Electronic music for 12 years - continuing to do so until the very end.

I have been DJ-ing for 10 years and have been playing all over Europe and some of the Americas. I am going to do a Masters of Sound Design for filmmaking this month at Goldsmith University and I love being awake at night.



Can you take us through your early days, the year 2000, and the past 3 weeks?

I moved to London in 2001 when I was 19 years old. I was moved by a strong life curiosity of exploring things outside of my town. I also wanted to discover my musical thirst and London was the city I always wanted to be in for that reason. I came here, got inspired and started DJ-ing around 2004. I bought turntables and vinyl and went in for a very deep immersion of the Electronic music culture. Specifically around those years, I got into Tech House (the real one, not the shitty one that now has got this name). I'm talking about the real Tech House scene - Swag records, Croydon - those that know, know.  ;)

Within years, I got into some DJ collectives and started throwing parties around East London. I also started producing music. Even though I was doing music back when I was living in Italy, it was a different approach. In London I got serious about it and started releasing music in 2007. 

"My main musical tendencies are about everything melodic, deep, mysterious, nostalgic and dark. My DNA has given me this musical taste."




Describe to us your musical style. What are your influences and how did you arrive at this sound?

My main musical tendencies are about everything melodic, deep, mysterious, nostalgic and dark. My DNA has given me this musical taste.


There are some times that I go out of these fields but basically, all the music I produce is the result of years of listening to that type of music. My listening history ranges from Classical music, all Electronic, Psychedelic Rock, Jazz, Dub music and Trip Hop - All mixed up in a big pot and stirred continuously until the food is ready.  


Take us through your production process.

It depends on the day and mood but usually, I take some melodic stuff and build around it. I mostly use Ableton Live but I don’t dislike using hardware synthesizers. My setup is a hybrid of software and hardware. I gotta say though, I am more of a software guy. 


I am also an unofficial Ableton teacher so you can imagine why I use mostly software. I think that at the end of the day, It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you master your technique - that's what it's all about.



Other aliases and projects. Tell us about them.

As Rico Casazza, I am more focused on Techno, Electro, Minimal and Ambient sound design. The Rico Casazza project is my main one. 11 years in the making. I have 3 other projects that are younger.


Zerødays: A fairly new project that I started one year ago. I make more LoFi Hip Hop, Downtempo, Trip Hop and more laid back Electronica featuring rappers & singers.  https://soundcloud.com/zerodayss


Bonasforsa: A project that I have been doing for 3 years. It’s me and my friend, Krzysztof Kozber and basically together - we make Threads of Deep House, Broken Beat, Hip-Hop and R&B, woven through Jazzy and Soulful resonances - also with rappers & singers featured. Right now we are making an EP that will see the light in the future. 


Tales of Sleepless Souls: A newer project with my Brazilian friend Diego Laje. We made some good music overseas me, with being in Mexico City for a while and him being in Rio De Janeiro, but we haven’t put anything out yet. What we do here is a mix of instrumental Hip Hop, Jazz and Funk with a really modern twist, with a strong Latin American influence because we started this project while both living in South America.


"...at the end of the day, It doesn’t matter what you use as long as you master your technique - that's what it's all about."




London. What’s it like being a producer/DJ in one of the biggest capitals in the world for Electronic music? Pros, Cons, everything in between.


Right now the city is over saturated with DJ's and music producers. Everyone makes music, even the dogs on the street have their synthesizers at home. And because of that, playing has become very challenging with the number of people wanting to play, I am a bit detached at the moment from DJ-ing. I was playing much more back in the day. Now I am more laid back about it. I am making shit loads of music all the time which is my real love, but I'll never turn down a gig.

I also have my radio residency at Threads radio and I play occasionally here and there. 

The pro's of London - well, its a really inspiring city! You can get inspired literally at every corner. That’s the beauty of this city that made me fall in love when I came. But right now there are too many people and the life here is becoming super expensive - and that kills the lifestyle. Having to work too much for paying the rent and then you don’t have time for your own self.


Are there any other places you would like to visit, as a DJ or as a traveller? Why?



The whole world. Life is too short to stay in one place. 



Any upcoming projects you wish to talk about?

I have a lot of projects coming out. Many EP's and Albums from all of my different aliases. 


With Rico Casazza, I have an upcoming Dub Techno EP with Axaminer records - a Dub Techno label from the Czech Republic.


Then I have an Electro EP with Dionysian Mysteries from Germany - 3 original tracks, and 2 bad ass remixers from No Moon and Carl Finlow.


Then with Furthur Electronix Records - the wicked IDM, brain dance label from Brighton, I have one Ambient tune on a big V/A and 1 remix of an EP from Lobec.


Last but not least, Pantamuzik records from Mexico/Germany. 2 tracks on 2 different compilations.


With Zerødays, a forthcoming EP will be coming out next week - Nu Soul music featuring singers & rappers: Finn Foxell, Milly James and Beyonder.


And more EP's coming out from Zerødays. It's all about time with the label to develop things. Releasing music is a slow process unfortunately. 


Then with Bonasforsa, we are preparing many different EP's. The next one coming out will be featuring DELO and Ayite - 2 MC's from the UK.


Busy busy!



Rico - we want to know a little more about you. Speak freely on any topic you want.

I am going to quote a brilliant line from Michael J. Miraflor that I spotted on Twitter and it went viral. This line is gold. 


"Unfollow IG models and influencers, start following artist and designers, your entire outlook on life will change. You will be reminded less about your insecurities and you will be reminded more of what you love about what humans are capable or creating."