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Exclusive Interview

November 5th, 2017

Perfect Giddimani

City: St. Ann

Country: Jamaica

Genre: Reggae

Label: Giddimani Records

Release Type: Digital


Let’s get right into this. Introduce yourself and who you are.



My name is Greg Rose. I was born and grew up in St Ann Jamaica. I am an international singer / songwriter / producer and CEO, owner of Giddimani Records - an independent record label that actively records upcoming talents and professional artist on compilations and albums. Our latest projects are "Live My Life Again" and the Civil Rights Riddim. "Live My Life Again" debuted at #1 on the Reggae Billboard Chart Albums chart for the week September 2, 2017. It spent 3 consecutive weeks on the chart going from 1-5 then up to 3 as the charts greatest gainer of the week, September 16th 2017. The Civil Rights riddim was released in October. The 2 singles that are out so far on this riddim are "Colin Kaepernick" (Perfect Giddimani) and Forward Black Man by (Teacha Dee).

Three records you can’t live without.



30 Pieces (Perfect Giddimani)

My Island (Burning Spear)

Never As Good (Sade)

perfect giddimani, jamaica, reggae

"The moment people started appreciating my talent and requesting my presence at their events I knew it was about to go down and get real serious."



From coast to coast of Jamaica - where can one find true Caribbean music?

The music is everywhere, you don’t have to search. It will find you for sure. It’s the heartbeat of the people. This land was built on Reggae and it’s the natural heartbeat of the Island.


In the years of your youth, tell us a defining moment that you knew music would have a big impact on your future.

The moment  people started appreciating my talent and requesting my presence at their events I knew it was about to go down and get real serious. Radio play, social and public media, interviews, show bookings, and the positive vibes received from my fans and musical family.

When selecting to work with other musicians, what are some of the characteristics you look for? Any wisdom you could share with our audience?



The first thing I look out for in an artist is work ethics (drive) and the passion they posess for their art. The studio and vocals plus everything else comes after.

perfect giddimani, jamaica, reggae


"I would like to be remembered as a conscious artist with an extraordinary talent of


exploring anything musically and passionately..."



As the time goes by, how would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered as a conscious artist with an extraordinary talent of exploring anything musically and passionately, never sticking  to the "so called" rules of any genre.


Major cities across the world. Which cities showed you the most love when you gave your performance?

So much to mention. I think i have been around the world 3 times and back, still a lot of places left on my bucket list though. We get so much love from various cities out there, Barcelona / Munich / Rome / Vienna / San Jose / Beijing / Shanghai / Amsterdam just to name a few. My fans are really awesome, supportive and die hearted, and that’s what makes the show unforgettable.

If you designed a Billboard, what would you put on it?


perfect giddimani, jamaica, reggae
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