Label Showcase: Natural Sciences

September 30th, 2017

Label: Natural Sciences

Label Boss: Alex Hall

City: Manchester

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Electronic

Release Type: Vinyl, Cassette, Digital

Welcome - Introduce yourself and your label.

Yo this is Alex from Natural Sciences. We're a label running 2 years from the gutters of the Northwest, UK.

Tell us about some of your earliest releases and how they shaped your career.

Aleks release was the first, followed by Aquarium and so on. One record follows the next with similar levels of despondence and limited monetary gain.

When it comes to signing music, is there anything specific you look for in an artist or their productions?

Not really, you can usually tell quickly whether you'll release it or not. The shorter time you can spend deciding, generally, the better - tend to lean towards stuff that's made in a similar haphazard, no fucks way.



"Pretty much all of it is hell from start to finish.''


Tell us about your favorite aspects of the vinyl pressing process. Are there any stages that bring out any kind of emotion?


Pretty much all of it is hell from start to finish.

Aside from releasing music, how does Natural Sciences contribute to the underground culture in Manchester?


We do our bit, but there's loads of killer stuff from the city at the moment which needs flagging up, namely Space Afrika, Ceberus Future Technologies / Ste Spandex, AB2088,  VLF + a new label Eraclea - Manchester is alive.

Tell us about your logo and the label’s artwork.

My girlfriend and I made the logo one night and it kinda stuck. I drove her crazy with the art that I ended doing it all myself and it's got less and less professional as the records have developed. Got a thing for wild dogs, metal fonts, sea life and DNA strands.



"A boozed dash through drone strikes, disintegrated disco and air raid sirens.''

Releases & Artwork:


Artist: Antonio

Title: Electrical System EP


Artist: E Davd

Title: Star Sign EP


Artist: Textasy

Title: Off The Leash EP


Artist: Mono-Enzyme

Title: Green Slime Acid

What type of mutants are in your mob?

Every kind of scumbag the internet can throw at me.

Alex, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

It was recorded in one take using all unreleased tracks. A boozed dash through drone strikes, disintegrated disco and air raid sirens.

End Interview