Label Showcase

October 28th, 2018

Mt.Fuji Tapes

Label Boss: Kody W.

City: New Orleans

Country: United States

Genre: Lo-Fi Hip-Hop

Release Type: Cassette, Digital




Mt. Fuji Tapes. Konnichiwa. Tell us a little bit about yourself and what makes you Mt. Fuji Tapes?


Mt. Fuji Tapes is a project I started for fun a couple of years ago. I handle everything from artwork design to tape duplication. The original goal of Mt. Fuji Tapes was just to see if I could produce high quality tapes that people would be into. It took off from there and the goal kind of transformed. I realized how many amazing artists there were who weren’t really “discovered” yet. It became my goal to work with artists who I thought were incredibly talented, get exposure and have the chance to physically release their music. I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing people and it’s really rewarding to spread music that otherwise may get looked over. I never thought the label would take off like it did because I didn’t have any experience beforehand. This is something that anyone can do if they are willing to invest the time and have a passion for the art of it.


Describe to our audience, for those who don’t know, what ‘Lo-Fi’ sound is and what attracted you to the genre itself?


Lo-Fi can be a hard thing to pinpoint because everyone has different ideas of what it means. To me, it’s not defined by the equipment you use or the samples you choose, but by the heart and soul that all lo-fi music has. There is something so relatable about lo-fi music, there is a passion for doing a lot with so little. Lo-Fi music feels homegrown and personal to me, which is what drew me to the sound. It’s like a window into the psyche of the artist without all the pomp and grandeur that a lot of art has. There is a realness to it, a simplicity that is incredible.

"’s not defined by the equipment you use or the samples you choose, but by the heart and

soul that all lo-fi music has."




If you could describe ‘Lo-Fi’ using a pattern of colors and shapes, what would they be?

I would describe lo-fi music as the distorted fragments of rain spread across a glass pane. The various nebulous shapes morphing and dripping together in a pool of blue and grey, filtering and refracting light as the drops slowly become nothing.


Your artwork for the label and cassette tape releases, where does the inspiration come from?


When ever I do artwork for a tape or project, I listen to the music. I put the music on, block out all distractions, and try to let the music design the artwork for me. I think because the artwork is the first impression people get of the music, it has to represent the artist and their vision. I never want the music and artwork to feel disjointed or mismatched. Having said that, design-wise I definitely have my own inspirations. I am really into old photography, grainy images, bright colors, and weird shapes, so I use a lot of that kind of stuff. 


We notice that your team is a collective of artists from all around the world. How do you find each artist and what are the characteristics you look for when recruiting for your label?


A lot of artists actually reach out to me with demos and projects for me to check out, so I don’t really go looking for many artists these days. When I first started I reached out to artists who I thought were talented and deserved more exposure. I like to work with artists who make personal music that feels honest and real. It’s hard to define but it’s something you feel. I love working with people all over the world because it gives me a chance to connect with people I may never meet otherwise. There is a universal bond over the art which is what keeps me doing this. There is also something to be said for artists who have their own unique sound or style. There are so many people making music these days, when you find someone who does it their own way it feels special.


"I like to work with artists who make personal music that feels honest and real. It’s hard to

define but it’s something you feel."




Any upcoming collaborations on the horizon?


Yes! We are currently working with Nekubi Tapes on a full length split tape featuring a ton of our favorite artists. The tape will be a concept album of sorts focusing on the themes of life and death. Be on the lookout for that, preorders should be available soon.


If you were a sushi chef, what would you put inside the Mt. Fuji Tapes roll?


Only veggies, a vegetarian diet is a lo-fi diet.


Mt. Fuji Tapes, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


This mix features my personal favorite tracks that have been released through the label over the past three years. It features music from artists all over the globe sitting in their bedrooms making music. I designed this mix to be listened to as a whole, like a single meal that represents everything Mt. Fuji Tapes is. Thank you to everyone who has ever supported us, we have some big things planned for the future!