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Age : 35      Sex : Male      Zodiac : Gemini      Country : Germany      City : Hadamar

Type : Exclusive mix      Genre : Tech - House     Software : Space Invaders

Hardware : Moog Sub 37, Roland TR-8, Mode Machines XoXboX, Maschine MKII



Smelly Feet Records: Who was ,Who is, and who will be ? is I was, I am, and I will always be a friendly DJ that plays tech-house, international gigs, and produces tech-house music because I love it.


SFR: At what point in your career did you decide that you wanted to run your own label? I started my first label in 2007 because we wanted to release our own music and we believed we could run a good label. “Kaufe Musik” was born and we tried to do a good job, but we had no idea what we were doing. We went directly into booking acts all over Germany after the first release, but after distribution problems for the music, the label was broke. Short time before I started my solo career I started my first digital only label called “Weplayminimal”. This label was made with the idea only to release minimal music and it became successful, but then I realized that minimal is not only that 'click clack' music and that most of the electronic music could be called minimal - as most try to make the maximum out of less. I changed the whole concept and also released under on Weplayminimal. With “ & YNK – Capetown River Boating” we had one of the most important tracks on the label that was played and charted by many big names. As I also own a booking agency - together with Lars Brankatschk- we also started a new label called “My Favourite Freaks Music”. This label is only for the booking members but we also work different than before. We always try to have a maximum promo in all ways.

 "A freak is a person who operates a certain thing...their hobby, excessively or more than a "normal" being and beyond."

SFR: You work with a large collective of artists. What are 3 characteristics you look for in someone when you agree to collaborate with them? 1 - They must be friends as I only work with people I like.

2 – They must be friendly and relaxed. I don’t like to work with people who stress me. This business is stressful enough.

3 – They should bring their own ideas of music to me. I love to work with vocalists who take my music to different leve. When I am doing music for me I always look to the dance floor and hope the people will dance to it. But when a singer sends me stuff the dance floor isn’t the most important thing any more. I also started making ambient music but mostly for myself and not for the crowds.

SFR: Tell us about ‘My Favourite Freaks’. What is a ‘Freak’, and why are they your ‘Favourite’? A freak is a person who operates a certain thing, for example, their hobby, excessively or more than a "normal" being and beyond - making this thing in their life until content. Way of life and lifestyle of freaks may differ from that of an average citizen. This is what wikipedia says about a freak, and this is what I feel every day.Our artists are my favourite freaks as I love of them each in a different way. Most of them are personal friends of mine or artists I like. All of them work hard on their music and all of them are cool guys you always have fun with. My Favourite Freaks is a collective of nerds who make their music their life. That’s why we working hard to do everything to push them ... label (My Favourite Freaks Music), promotion (My Favourite Freaks PR), podcast (My Favourite Freaks Podcast), booking agency (My Favourite Freaks).

 "I love to work with vocalists who take my music to different level. When I am doing music for me, I always look to the dance floor and hope the people will dance to it...I also started making ambient music, but mostly for myself and not for the crowds."

SFR: Tell us about My Favourite Friends My Favourite Friends is a new platform we are working on. As My Favourite Freaks is only for our artists, we started My Favourite Friends to also push our friends or artists we like outside the agency. At the moment, it is only a podcast series, but soon I also want to start the music label too.

SFR:, have music videos for your tracks, ‘Organ Grinder’, ‘Love Goes Crash’ and Right On - Craycray ( & Safado Remix)’. Tell us a little bit about the concept behind these productions. Is this something we will be seeing more of in the future? My good friend (my bro) Safado and his best friend, Hof Styluz (who is a creative video director) sometimes make music videos for me (mostly when I collaborate on a track with Safado). They also did some different videos for our showcases for our common EP on Miniload Records. Safados is a very talented guy. He could be an actor, he looks so good on camera. He also comes up with the ideas for our videos. So I only drive to them and see what happen as I trust him 100% that he will do something cool.On the set of Organ Grinder, we had a lot of fun because so many things happened around us. For example, in the scene where I was lying in the trunk of my car, gagged, some bees flew inside the trunk around me. I was hitting my feet against the trunk - and they screamed at me ”you can’t hear noises in the music video, so please stop!”

 "...I will always be a friendly DJ that plays tech-house, international gigs, and produces tech-house music because I love it."

SFR: If you could live in any other century excluding this one, which would it be and what would you bring? Puh, I love my life so I never would try to live in another century, maybe only some years before, but then my life would be totally different. But if I could live in a different century, I would prefer the future as the past was always full of war, hate, and other stupid things. Sure, outside of Germany you still have war because of religion, but maybe in the future, religion would be peaceful or nobody would need a religion anymore as we all are humans. We all could live together in peace if we would accept that we all are equal. So, I would prefer to go to this, hopefully peaceful future and I would take a good six pack of beer with me to sit down on the top of a mountain and enjoy this new world!

SFR: In a few sentences -, tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know? In this mix, I preferred to play some vocal tracks in the beginning and some more club tunes at the end. It should elevate you to a good mood, maybe before a party you want to go. The last track is taken from my new EP on VIVa MUSiC. Hope you like it.  


                        END INTERVIEW

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