Exclusive Mix & Interview

November 23rd, 2019

Mia Kaltes

City: Zürich

Country: Switzerland

Genre: Downtempo  / Indie / Nu Disco

Label: Finefood Records / Lush Play




Mia, lets get right into it. Tell our audience who you are, how you got into this world of electronic music, and why you do this.


Music has always been an important part of my life. Early on it was difficult for me to understand why we needed to define ourselves by one style. I vibrate to so much different music.


As a teenager, I had a “strange mix of styles” such as Classical Violinist, Hippy music and Reggae. I also loved Grunge, Rock, Alternative music, Hip Hop and later: Electronic music. I had tons of musical influences deep in my guts.


My first Rave was at the age of 16 in 1995. As I was hanging out with the Dj's, I noticed that a girl couldn’t stand out unless she went out with a known DJ or hung out with certain people. There was little chance of getting noticed and I was too proud to go to such lengths. Having no confidence, it took some time for me to say “I can mix!” It wasn’t until 2004 that I had found my name on my first official flyer.


As a teenager, between the ages of 13 and 16, I was already spending hours listening to my Philips radio. Listening to Couleur3, the best radio station of that era, which I was also listening too to record my favorite tracks. Then I used my pocket money to buy blank cassettes so I could copy my mixes to share them. Still filled with motivation, I changed to CDs and mailings with my little address book of my first fans. Then Soundcloud arrived…


So here I am. Doing this because of what I feel while listening to these songs, and through dance - I feel the need to share it.

Tell us about your style and sound. What genre do you feel best describes you as an artist?


In each direction that I take, the common point is the depth of the emotion that it generates. Whether it’s with a hint of hope or a dark touch that takes you and carries you elsewhere. I call it reality music. Music that comes from my guts. I use my sensitivity as an instrument. When I am asked what my style is, I simply answer that I buy everything I like and then with some methods acquired over time - I create sets for each situation. 


For me, talking about style today no longer makes sense. In my eyes, everything is a mixture of so many influences and these labels are always a source of misunderstanding because according to our generation, genre has gone from style to sub-style, and we do not understand each other anymore. As to the meaning of groove, it's so personal, even if there is an official explanation.

"In each direction that I take, the common point is the depth of the emotion that it generates. Whether it’s with a hint of hope or a dark touch that takes you and carries you elsewhere."



Is there any process you take to narrow down your selections when choosing which music to play in a set?



Yes, I have my secret little methods. I buy everything that makes me vibrate. From 60 to 127 BPM. I have the discipline of a worthy female commercial Business Assistant (my basic profession). I work with Itunes.


Before making a set, I put myself in a meditative state. I let myself be guided to start a “loose” selection. Then when I see the number of hours that represents the set that I’m booked to play, I concentrate really hard and I create another second “finer” selection. 


Then I look for the first track. With this first track begins the construction of my set. I play it with all of my heart without ever having to look for what to play. I stay connected with the public. If I play between two artists and I'm not sure of the path I will take, I prepare for all eventualities. Not having to dive into my computer to find certain tracks avoids a lot of stress during the set too.


Since the start of your journey, what is one of the most memorable moments that you have had both on and off the stage?


My first time at the Bikini Test in 2009 where I played “Ladies Night” in my hometown. It was where I had gone to my first concert years before. Being backstage in this place was mythical in my eyes and it fascinated me. I was sick for a week before, I was so nervous.


Traveling. Where have you been and where do you want to go?

I have already been to: Moscow, Prague, Berlin, Milan, and many different places in France. I secretly dream that someone discovers me, speaks of me as a musician and a door opens. In Tulum for example - I want to play for Yoga classes with my magical instruments, meditation in the morning and in the evening, a DJ set on the beach during the sunset...haaa.

"...music, sound and vibrations have always been essential. This world is crazy and beautiful at the same time. The reality around us must not be forgotten."




Do you feel that the essence of ‘sending a message’ through music, whether it be voice or sound has become less or more important in today’s society?


Even more important. Even if it is only my opinion - music, sound and vibrations have always been essential. This world is crazy and beautiful at the same time. The reality around us must not be forgotten. I think it's important to find a door -  a "holy" escape


If you could organize an event in one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, which one would it be?

A Dr. Dance (daylight party) and I would play all the meditative parts with several musicians at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.



Tell us something about you that the audience at your performance might not ever know.

I am sensitive. I feel and see things - certain energies. I often hold back my tears. Up until 2 years ago, I used to get totally paralyzed for several days before mixing. Music has been therapy for me. I have been wearing the “cold girl's mask”. (Kaltes meaning cold in English). Sure of herself and inaccessible has at last fallen.


Any upcoming gigs or projects you wish to speak upon?

Sunday, November 24th - I will be at Schlummi. My favorite party of the month at Frieda's Büxe. And on December 27, at the Lovely Kauz. Two important places in my view.


Mia Kaltes, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

I put myself in a meditative state and felt what I wanted to give. I found the intro track and then I worked through my set taking crazy pleasures in mixing and dancing in my living room, lit by candles and a fire in the fireplace.


My wish is that people, through this selection, will be touched by the music and carried away from consciousness. That they move their bodies and reconnect with themselves. Because everything is here in us and of this, I have no doubt.