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Exclusive Mix & Interview

November 17th, 2019



City: San José

Country: Costa Rica

Genre: House / Techno / Electronic

Label: Puchero Records 



Welcome. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?

Hello Smelly family! I am Meli Rodriguez, DJ/ Producer / Promoter and label manager from San Jose, Costa Rica. 



Take us through your life in music. Personal and career wise.

My life in music started at a very early age. I began playing the violin in elementary school and then joined the band and was a percussionist until I graduated. When I was 16, I went to Austria as an exchange student and after that I lived the last 2 years of High School in Santiago, Chile where my passion for music really really manifested.


Anyways, I graduated High School and left to Spain to study Graphic Design at Marbella Design Academy. I graduated 3 years later, met my now husband and partner "Matcho", moved back to Costa Rica and started our label "Puchero Records" and started throwing parties. 


"...Vertigo in Costa Rica would be my spot because thats my home. That's where Puchero Records was born and thanks to the club and the crowd, I am able to keep growing."




We notice that you are a very active Producer, DJ & Label Owner, how do you find the time to focus your attention on each craft? 


Yes! It's sooo hard to keep up with everything, especially the label. People want quick replies but sometimes you just don't have enough time for everything and need to prioritize. 



As a producer - Tell us about your production process. Any key elements or strategies in achieving your sound?

I always start with the base structure. Kick, bass and percussions and at the end I will add some vocals and the lead synth. Ill export it, try it in the car and go back to fixing the last details. I'll also send it to other fellow producers to get their input on the sound. 



Hardware vs. Software - Analog vs. Digital - Thoughts?

I use Ableton and Logic for production. Obviously I would love to have all the awesome hardware but they are so expensive it's also hard. Also, I was born in a digital era, so I went straight to CDjs, not vinyl. I love technology over all and completely support the evolution of whatever is happening with new equipment. In the end, it doesn't matter what you are using as long as it sounds good and makes people dance.


"In the end, it doesn't matter what you are using as long as it sounds good and makes people dance."



Being a DJ - From open air festivals, clubs, and events - what is your favorite place to play and why?

I don't think I can choose! Most places I have been to have been amazing and the crowds are really responsive. Some great memories include a crazy private party in Hungary...a sunrise party in Croatia...playing beachfront in Mar del Plata Argentina...etc


Of course if I had to choose, Club Vertigo in Costa Rica would be my spot because that's my home. Thats where Puchero Records was born and thanks to the club and the crowd, I am able to keep growing. 



Describe the electronic music scene in Costa Rica as you see it. Tell us about some of the venues that have shaped the cities nightlife.

Costa Rica is poppiiiing right now! So much going on compared to 5 years ago when we got there. They just did Resistance last October. And coming up in January we have Ocaso and the BPM Festival. I'm really excited the scene is growing more and more every time. 


Give us some insight into your upcoming projects. What can we expect?

I can't really say much at the moment. I moved to Spain a few months ago and I will start my South America tour again December 31st so i'll be back on the road until May 13th. When I come back to Spain, I plan to spend the summer playing around Europe and organizing events in Spain. I also really want to go to Burning Man. 


Meli Rodriguez, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This mix is super special because its just original material from myself and my label and it's so fresh! After ADE in Amsterdam, I came back so inspired and was able to collab with great artists. 

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