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Sex : Female       Zodiac : Aquarius       Country : Canada       City : Montreal

Type : Exclusive mix       Genre : Shape Shifting, Groove Respecting, Soul-Feeding House & Techno 

 Hardware : SL1200, CDJ 2000, Vynils, CDs, USB key       Software : Ableton Live



Smelly Feet Records: Tell us about the name Maus. Why is this name special to you?


Maus: It simply means My House (M’house) to me. Nothing deeper then that.


SFR: Your music tastes run very deep. From 80’s music, reggae, drum and bass, house and all types of electronica. What genre would you say has influenced you the most in defining you as an artist today ?


Maus: I guess Jazz and Disco are the two first influences as they were always playing in my house when I was a kid. At 12, I discovered Reggae and became a huge Reggae and Dub fan. Still am. Artist wise, Marvin Gaye and Nina Simone are two of my main inspirations.


You can sense those influences in my sets. I choose deep, groovy tracks in which you can sense a bit of melancholy, just like the Jazz and 70’s Soul that my father used to listen to. The groovy basslines and trippy synths definitely come from the Disco records my brother used to play. As for the dubby sounds, well guess where they come from?


More recent influences: Rhythm & Sound, Shonky, Sven Weisemann, 6th Borough Project, Johnny D, Omar S, Uner, just to name a few…

 "I favorite the sounds of House, from classics to newer stuff, but I try to keep the flow funky, bouncy, and groovy. "

SFR: You were named as Montreal’s ‘Queen of Drum and Bass’. Can you tell us a little bit more about this time in your life?


Maus: I guess the press decided to give me that title because I was one of the very few female DJs playing Drum & Bass. I made my own way, worked hard, organized many parties and events while booking a lot of local talent. I felt like a warrior who’s mission was to make the world discover the sound which moved me; the various forms of Jungle and Break Beats, but especially the experimental productions of artists such as Aphex Twin, Photek, Square Pusher and the Ninja Tune family. It was all I was living for. And I guess being that lady who plays hard and weird music caught the attention of the media ;)

SFR: We see that you are very versatile with your sets. How do you prepare yourself for the types of events you play - Festivals, Club nights, Private Parties, After hours. Are there any specific traditions you have which help you adapt to each setting ? 


Maus: As much as I am a versatile DJ, I think I developed my sound signature and whatever type of gigs I play (club, after hours or festival) I try to stick to that and be genuine. 


Playing in different rooms or venues just adds more fun to being a versatile DJ. It gives me the opportunity to play completely different sets. For example, if I play in a small club – like Salon Daome – I favorite the sounds of House, from classics to newer stuff but I try to keep the flow, funky, bouncy and groovy.


I will prepare a tech-ier and more melodic set if I play outdoors, not only  because of the bigger size of the venue but also because the synths and vocals travel so well outside. Then, I'll take the opportunity to drop my favourite deep, dubby, big room tracks when I play after hours. But again, whether I play House or Techno, sunset or sunrise, my signature will remain deep, groovy and soulful with those Disco, Dub and 70’s soul influences.

 "I made my own way, worked hard, organized many parties and events while booking a lot of local talent. I felt like a warrior whose mission was to make the world discover the sound that moved me..."

SFR: What are the most interesting venues that you have ever played. 


Maus: Here are 3 great ones:



Outdoors, at Barcelona’s contemporary Musuem. Playing in front of Laurent Garnier and many other amazing artists was one the most stressful but incredible moment of my career.

Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

The very first time I played in the DR, the party was organized by a guy from Montreal and his dominican crew in this abandoned Hotel site. The dance floor was a huge swimming pool and the VIP area, the rooms. I have only crazy good memories from the dominican parties, the beautiful sites and their very responsive crowd.



Last year (2014) was one of the most intense experience I had playing out door Besides the extremely impressive organization and super good sound, the wind and snow also decided to take part of the party right in the middle of my set. I could barely see the crowd, my hat was flying off, it was super hard to stay focussed but having to deal with those natural elements just brought the energy higher and the party got crazy. Loved it.

 "The whole journey was amazing from the beginning.

I got to travel all over the world and I am ready to discover more countries, more people, more cultures, and to do what I love most, tell stories with frequencies…"

SFR: Tell us about Danse Contact. What is your biggest achievement to date in regards to this project?



Danse Contact is my monthly residency at Salon Daome in Montreal.

The core of the night is House and I try to stick to a thematic that pushes the various forms of the genre, from Disco edits to a more raw Detroit sound. Everything from groovy and deep to straight forward and jacking. 

I guess keeping a solid residency for over 3 years is a good achievement.


SFR: EP’s and productions that you have released in the past that you are most proud of. Why?


Maus: I’m very proud of my first CD “Intersections” (1999, Haute Couture Records), releasing a Drum & Bass mixed compilation on a Montreal label with an edgy playlist was very ambitious, but we got really good reviews from both local and international press. It ranked me in the NEXT 100 list in URB magazine, plus, it got me touring all over Europe and more.


I’m also happy with my “See Witch” EP released on Mile End records in 2012. Even though, I don’t think my original productions are “there” yet technically, I feel this track represents me pretty well. Both remixes are very different. You can hear Victor Magro’s remix on this podcast, which is the last track….

SFR: Are there any special moments in your career that you would like to share?


Maus: No specific one. The whole journey was amazing from the beginning.

I got to travel all over the world and I am ready to discover more countries, more people, more cultures, and to do what I love most, tell stories with frequencies…

I’m also excited about working more in the studio and release new music soon. 

I just hope to find a good booking agency in the year to come. Amen!


SFR: Maus, tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? 


Maus: I actually got the inspiration from your second question. I was trying to describe my influences and decided to make a podcast that gives a good idea of those. So I chose tracks with Disco, Soul and Reggae samples. I also wanted to make a podcast that is more of a listener; something you can play while cooking or sharing a good bottle of wine…Although some might start movin’ and groovin’ after the first 30 minutes.


I recorded it at Daome, on a cold afternoon. I took some time to choose each track although the recording was made in one take so please, be kind and accept my humble mistakes. 


Have a great listen.




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