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Exclusive Mix & Interview

January 28th, 2018



City: New York City

Country: United States

Label: Darker Than Wax

Release Type: Exclusive Mix

Photo Credit: Philip Skoczkowski 




Marco. We’ve  been waiting a long time for this. How have you been since we approached you in 2017?

Been in a constant state of change, not good or bad but I think that the change helps growth. Ended 2017 letting go of a 2/3 year long relationship. I been focusing on myself and exploring things that make me happy, hustling and feeling good about 2018. We have a few interesting projects in the pipeline for Darker Than Wax, in the form of more physical releases, planning a tour in Europe for April and interesting collaborations. I'm looking forward into the future but also looking back to reflect and try to elevate what I do further.


Anything special you’d like the audience to know about the upcoming year in regards to your musical career?



I've recently bought a synth and have been quietly making some music. My goals for 2018 is to put out an EP, so definitely look out for that. Besides that, I'm looking to push more into getting shows booked around the world. I'd like to travel and see the world more in 2018.

marco weibel, darker than wax, new york city, electronic music, techno, urban

Photo Credit: Zanzie Addington White


"Our ideals for Darker Than Wax have always stayed constant - breaking genre boundaries and pushing diversity in music."




Darker. Than. Wax. Give us a rundown of what this is, what you do, and who you do it for.


Darker Than Wax is a record label / platform / movement of ideas that started in Singapore (where 'm originally from) by my main man Dean aka Funk Bast*rd and Kevin Guoh, aka Kaye. Dean's always been a mentor figure to me in music and life, a truly inspirational cat.


The label starting back in 2012, and I was involved since its humble beginnings, originally helping out with design / video content. Organically, because Dean and I have always had a great working relationship, I took on the role as a resident DJ / core member of the label. It's a tight-knit family, and we've grown together over the last 6 years.


Our ideals for Darker Than Wax have always stayed constant - breaking genre boundaries and pushing diversity in music. Right now I host our 2 main radio shows for the label, one weekly on The Lot Radio and another monthly on Radar Radio. Besides this, I'm pretty involved with the backend of distribution for our physical goods, (merch / records) planning of showcases around the globe, (Asia, Canada, US, Europe) and much more.



Can you take us through some of your most memorable moments with DTW - when did you really know that what you were doing was worth the grind?



Some memorable moments with the label was definitely going on the Brazilian tour with Dean in 2016. We did a four city tour, meeting and connecting with our roster artists like Neguim, who we only knew via the internet for 3 years before actually meeting in real life. It was something so special. Plus, meeting other folks / music heads who support and feel what we're pushing, just making that connection with people who feel the same way you do about music is really special and makes it all worth it.



Your sets are really interesting and from what we gather, you dig deep for the tracks that you use. Without giving away too many of your secrets, where do you find your music? What sound are you usually looking for?



There really isn't much of a secret. It's really just doing your research. I listen to a lot of different radio shows, podcasts, mixtapes, and compilations. We stand on the shoulders of giants, all these resources are readily available to us. I'm always aware of what's playing around me. I might be at a restaurant and something on their playlist would catch my attention. (bless Shazam). I really love Bandcamp, I think it's a great platform to find and discover music on. Besides that, supporting your local record stores has always been another avenue of music discovery for me. Take time to get to know the shop owners, learn their tastes and share yours with them. They'd often more than always have something interesting to recommend.


I think that it's a constant thirst for a deeper knowledge that fuels me to keep on finding new and exciting sounds. I get bored easily and there's nothing better than jamming to some freshly found tunes, it keeps the fire for DJing alive in me. In terms of sounds, I go through phases, but I'm always listening to an eclectic palette. I try not to get too deep/technical into what I'm drawn to. I trust my ears and if I like it, I play it.

marco weibel, darker than wax, new york city, electronic music, techno, urban

Photo Credit: Zanzie Addington White


"I think that it's a constant thirst for a deeper knowledge that fuels me to keep on finding new and exciting sounds."




New York City. Describe to our fans -  the streets, the vibe, the overall ambiance of what it’s like to be a musician in NYC.

New York's energy is something else. I feel like it's the kinda city where if you wanted to go out and have the night of your life, every night, you could. There's always things going on and weird scenes to stumble into.



If you flipped New York City upside down, where would all the rats go?


The rats would be fine. I think they all live underground in the subway anyway. I've heard there's a 1:5 ratio of rat to human, pretty crazy.



Marco, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?



The usual eclectic selections of recent bits I've been feeling. Kinda steered the mix into a reflection of what I'd play in a more club / dance sorta setting, hope you enjoy!

marco weibel, darker than wax, new york city, electronic music, techno, urban

Photo Credit: Matin Latif 

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