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Jimmy Be

Age : 24      Sex : Male      Zodiac : Taurus      Country : Canada      City : Montreal

Type : Exclusive mix      Genre : Deep Techno / Electronica

Hardware Korg Volca Beats / Drum Machine / Moog Sub37      Software : Ableton Live



Smelly Feet Records:  Jimmy Be. Let’s get right into it. Tell us, tell the audience, tell the people, what one needs to know, about Jimmy Be.


Jimmy Be:  I was born to make people happy, and heal them with my hands with the power in the music I create. When i was a little boy, my dad had told me that I would never be able to fall asleep unless he put music on. I have been carrying this on my sleeve since then. Whether it’s random objects in front of me, I always find a way to create a melody. Performing live or using the decks, I always find myself making music with a groove.


SFR: Can you shed some light on some of your earlier projects that have shaped who you are today? Does any one stand out in particular?


JB: Love & positivity! I discovered the key elements that attract the things you want, and I have found it through my musical journey. There have also been some hard times with some people that I have met throughout my career. I was blessed to receive lots of good things starting at such a young age. I love to share so I share with the ones that deserve it, but you have to watch out because some people bite the hand that feeds and take so much - that they end up screwing you over and throw you under the bus. This has also taught me to keep an eye out and be careful for the people around you. This will shape you into a stronger warrior in this day of age, and makes your heart solid for whatever objective that comes your way, hard or easy.

 "I was born to make people happy, and heal them with my hands with the power in the music I create."

SFR: Montreal is such an amazing city. For those who have never been, tell them about it.


JB: We have a lot of multicultural people, amazing food, beautiful woman, events, and a great music scene. Especially for the ones that love electronica / ­techno music. We are blessed to have one of the best clubs in the world, Stereo! I have met a lot of people all around the world that have traveled all over the place, and they still seem to say that we are the craziest, one of the best vibers especially on the dance floor - we mooooove!


SFR: What is (((Stereo))) and why is it special to you?


 JB: Like some people have religion and church, music is my religion and stereo is the temple that provides me the best music coming from all around the world. It allows people to come in and forget their ordinary lives and problems, leaving all of it at the door and letting their soul be free with the amazing music we have. Before I was DJing there, I used to go all the time, talking to the walls, asking Stereo to hear me out and let me express my vibes in there, and it worked! I was granted an opportunity to play at such a young age and be one of the youngest DJ’s to ever play there at the age of 19!

 " I love to share so I share

with the ones that deserve it...This will shape you into a stronger warrior in this day of age, and makes your heart solid..."

SFR: Can you tell us about some of your future production plans? How are you pushing your sounds to express yourself in ways that you have never done before?


JB: I finally moved in into my amazing new professional studio! I bought a handful of analog equipment and I’m ready to make an album in the upcoming future. Labels such as Dynamic and Innervisions are the ones I'm aiming for. My talented girlfriend has an amazing, old and rustic voice that I'm also using which allows us to make music together. I enjoy collaborating with all kinds of people & genres in my music. I will also have someone recording with a whole drum set, electric guitar & more to use in my productions.

SFR: At Smelly Feet Records we really like to see artists working LIVE tracks and sets ­ we noticed you like to indulge in this medium of expression. What is the importance of experimenting LIVE?


JB: Creating music and having an unexpected reaction of what’s about to come Seeing the artist create music with their own canvas in real time is such a beautiful thing. It’s almost like back in the day in the 70's and 80's - members of  bands used to be rockstars,Nowadays our LIVE artists bring that image back with our own electronic sense..


 "Music is my religion and (((Stereo))) is the temple...It allows people to come in and forget their ordinary lives and problems...letting their soul be free..."

SFR: If you were a fighting style, which would you Jimmy Be?


JB: Mui Thai...Cause I'm gonna Mui Thai my way and kick ass until i reach the goal I was destined for.


SFR: Jimmy, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


JB: The guys behind Smelly Feet Records!!! Such good hearted souls, and positive human beings - with a mission just like mine - to spread good music and love. Because of that, it inspires me to give it my all and show my positive music vibration to the world. And i want to thank them for having me on the show <3.

                        END INTERVIEW

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