Exclusive Mix & Interview

January 14th, 2018



City: Zaragoza

Country: Spain

Genre: House / Dub / Techno

Label: Get Physical / Exploited / Visionquest /  Moda Black

Release Type: Digital




Javier. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know about?


Hi, my name is Javier Orduña and I am 40 years old. I have been involved in the skate and punk scene since my teenage years. I love music and I hate fascism.


Tell us about your early years. We understand you were very much into the punk scene. What were the shows like back then? Where did you go out? Any special memories?

Trust me. It’s not fully possible to tell you my experiences I’ve had from being in the punk scene. I was playing in 3 bands, as well as being on tour with other bands - millions of memories, I can’t choose. However, funny things happen when you go touring in a big car around Europe with 6 punks inside it. Squatting in houses, skating around Europe…It was all part of the punk movement at the time.


I can tell you this though, I was really young and I got to see FUGAZI in the north of Spain. Fugazi was Ian Mackey, who was also the singer of the classic straight edge band, Minor Threat. I was so happy to be apart of this show because I was a huge fan of Minor Threat. It turned out to be one of the best concerts i’ve ever seen in my life. I can’t compare it to any other DJ gig or even a Depeche Mode concert. The energy and the authentic charisma of this band was of another world. Electronic music never touched my heart as much as Punk Rock did. I love Dance music, but i’ve never seen anything that amounted to even 50% of the energy you find when you see a cool Rock or Punk Rock band playing.

"The skills I have came from many years of working with incredible talents..."




How did you make the transition from Punk into Electronica?



It was a gift from a friend. He gave me a CD of Aphex Twin, Bochum Welt, etc...That CD changed my life. I began to get really involved with artists such as Joy Division, Nitzer Ebb, The Cure, Bauhaus, etc. At the same time, I began to listen to new Electronic Music, but not just Dance music - The first LP of Boards of Canada comes to mind. Stuff like that.


Let’s talk music production. When was it when you seriously began to release music? What special skills did you learn that helped you craft a unique sound?


The first time was about 15 years before I owned my own vinyl label (2nd Room Records). I began with Techno, inspired by sounds from James Ruskin, Surgeon and Robert Hood. I bought an old Spectrum, and after that, my first synths -  which was just a collection of analog hardware. It was difficult because neither me or my friends knew how to use it. The skill I have came from many years of working with incredible talents such as Alexi Delano, Bryan Zentz, Jay Haze, Guy Gerber or Chaim. I learned a lot from them.

When working with artists, what qualities do you look for - personality, artistic vision, integrity etc?



The first thing I look for is integrity. The second thing I look for is music. I need to be a friend, or a big fan to work with them. If not, I prefer to work alone.


"Peace, Love, Respect, Music and Hate for Fascism"




You’ve worked with some very well known labels throughout your career. How does each collaboration help you move forward?


Every label i’ve ever worked with has helped me a lot. The first ever release I had was on the Alessio Mereu label. After that, Brachtune - the sub label of Visionquest. Visionquest signed a full EP and then went on to release a special edition Vinyl and CD, which helped me get my music out to names like Steve Lawler - who then released my music on Viva Music. After that, through working in the studio, I signed on to Moda Black and 2 EPS with Upercent. Since then, it’s been release after release on labels such as Jeudi, Cuprit, Exploited, etc.



Any cities you would like to visit in the upcoming year? Where would you love to play?

I would love to play at Harry Klein, Watergate, Halcyon (SF), Bar Americas (Mexico), Rex (Paris), The Bunker (NY), Output (NY) and many many more, I love to play in small clubs. I prefer it  a million times more to play in a small club with a cool sound system than a festival or big club. About cities, I would love to play London, Paris, Los Angeles, San Diego, NY, Kiev, Sidney, Santiago de Chile, Buenos Aires, Mexico DF and for sure all Russia.

If you were a matador, what would your stage name be?

Cierzo Potranco.



Javier, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

Just good vibes. People are going to listen to it, and I respect that. I always try to do my best. I hope the audience enjoys the mix. Peace, Love, Respect, Music and Hate for Fascism.