Exclusive Mix & Interview

August 18th, 2019


City: Zagreb

Country: Croatia

Genre: Eclectic Music




Iva - So glad to have you here. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything
special you would like them to know?


Hello, thanks for having me. I’m a DJ and Graphic Designer currently living in Zagreb,


Take us back to where it all began. What was the moment that sparked your
interest in playing music for others? What action did you take?


I started DJ-ing somewhere around 2002 and at the time, I was living in Split, Croatia. I was at college and started to go to parties where a few friends of mine were DJ's. So basically that's how I got hooked up on DJ-ing, through friends and parties.


Next thing was getting the equipment, so when I got a scholarship I decided to spend it on CDJ 100s and a friend of mine gave me an old studio mixer to start with. Later on, he invited me to play at a party in front of a really big crowd. I think Carl Cox was playing on the main floor and that was it. It was crazy energy, it felt great. I wanted to do it again and again. At that time I was mainly playing Techno and Electro.

"Maybe I can describe my style as eclectic and very melodic. I guess its mood related."




Let’s talk about your track selection. The music genres, take us through your
influences and how they help you select your tracks.


When someone asks me what genre I'm playing, I usually don't know the answer to that
question because I find it difficult to stick to just one genre. I’m always trying to listen to different styles - Really just everything from Techno, Disco, Soul, Rock. Maybe I can
describe my style as eclectic and very melodic. I guess its mood related. That's mainly
why I started a mix series called Belle de Nuit which is a bit darker and more leaning
towards my Techno side, while the Belle de Jour series is the opposite of Nuit - more daytime and easy listening mixes.


Also, I like to listen to online radio shows. I find it much more interesting than searching for music on various websites like Juno/Beatport etc. I think what's missing on those sites is human touch that you get through listening to radio shows - instead of clicking on tags and “genre” related searches. You discover a new song and after that, a whole new world opens up. I'm a big fan of NTS radio. There are so many good shows over there that expanded my horizons in the field of music. I think right now that radio has the biggest influence on my track selection.


Any special advice that was given to you that you would like to share? Personal or career related.


When you don't know what to answer on a question like this one, quote George
“When you look annoyed all the time, people think that you’re busy.”


Zagreb, Croatia. Tell us about it and it’s music scene.


When I moved to Zagreb, the music scene was great. In some kind of way, the clubs and parties have definitely shaped me as a DJ. I have to admit that I miss some of the clubs that don't exist anymore. Back then, the music scene was small but the vibe was amazing. Now it's much bigger, and its growing and transforming constantly. Zagreb is nice, we have a lot of great DJs, musicians and people who are shaping up the “music scene”.

"I think right now that radio has the biggest influence on my track selection."




Upcoming projects. What can we expect?

I guess more of everything. More mixes, more edits.


Other than music, what other areas of knowledge are you looking to learn and


Maybe some production related stuff. Other than that, I would really love to learn Spanish. Hola!


Iva, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you
get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


This mix is very melodic, spiced up with nice vocals, percussion and beats.

Photo Credit: Łukasz Giza