Exclusive Mix & Interview

March 11th, 2020


City: Victoria

Country: Canada

Genre:  Electronica

Label: I Love Acid / Rinse / Wagon Repair




Hrdvsion, welcome. Introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, My name is Nathan and I write music under the name Hrdvsion.  


You made a production only mix with your music only. Why did you pick these tracks? Tell us about them. 


Many of these are remixes, and thus started off with source material to work with. I have always enjoyed warping something that started off as being "perfect."


There is more than one way to do everything, and I enjoy exploring the possibility of the differing perspectives. What if this song was sad? What if it sounded like the warmth from the sun? What does it sound like if it's incomplete? Perhaps the song would shine if it's journey to become finished was stopped short, and released to the world in that form, forever highlighting the process rather than a conclusion and therefore adding a sense of tension or alternatively hope or aspiration - becoming a collaboration by allowing the listener to imagine the conclusion for themselves.

Photo Credit: Michael Benz

"There is more than one way to do everything, and I enjoy exploring the possibility of the differing perspectives."



Tell us about your passion. Where does it come from and what it means to you.


I write music (or creating anything really) because it allows me to be free in a world where at times we can feel powerless or without control. Music is a world I can be me, where the influence and pressure of society is meaningless and I can explore my thoughts and feelings without the influence of the you-shouldn't-do-that's or the you-can't-do-that's. It allows me to experience extremities that otherwise lay silent, and bring a peace to my heart and mind.


This stillness enables a clear sight into a beautiful and raw truth inside me that is behind layers of armor when travelling through a world of others creation. Free from reaction to that world, I become a mirror, beaming infinite light into myself. Of course my hopeful destination, as I would imagine everyone's, is to someday feel a passion equal in strength to Sisqo's for one particular seemingly insignificant but ultimately, in the blink of an eye, invaluable undergarment.


As a producer - Tell us about your production process. Any key elements or strategies in achieving your sound?


At the best of times, I try to get everything talking to each other. In the beginning that was achieved by brick wall compression and hard cuts done across multiple channels. Over time that process has been refined and now achieved by an endless string of one-signal-affecting-another in often, but not always, more subtle ways.



Hardware vs. Software - Analog vs. Digital - Thoughts?

I think it's best to use whatever tools you have to best control and to achieve your goals most accurately.

Photo Credit: Michael Benz

"Music is a world I can be me, where the influence and pressure of society is meaningless..."




Let's talk about the future. What would you like to accomplish? Any upcoming projects you wish to speak on?


I am working on my second album which I'm super excited about. A few tracks on there I'm really proud of already. Have a couple 12's lined up with I Love Acid and also one for Marguerita Recordings. It's always so nice to put records out with people that you already know and are friends with. 


I released a few remixes over the last month, one last week of Ekiti Sound and a remix of Kessel Vale that came out a few weeks ago. In the meantime, if you're craving some music for your body and brain, I have a weekly radio show on boxout.fm (https://boxout.fm/shows/meanwhile-the-music) called "Meanwhile, the music..." and my very best friend has a show on the same station called Here There Be Monsters (https://boxout.fm/shows/here-there-be-monsters)



We want to know a little more about you. Speak freely on any topic you want.


I'd like to say, if you want to do shit....just do shit... just do any ideas you come up with. Pick something and work on it. If you feel it, make it happen.

Following that line of thinking, I made a video game for Ableton Live called Push Hero: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNuGPXikWCM 



If you were a characteristic of sound - what would you be?

Hrd Sync

Photo Credit: Johan Delétang

End Interview

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