Exclusive Mix & Interview

September 20th, 2019


City: Orlando

Country: United States

Genre: Techno / House/ Experimental

Label: Crystal Axis Records




 Welcome. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?

I seek to further define the unlimited linear regression of psychoacoustic space within the nervous system manifestation that has been programmed by the Milky Way hologram.


Music = Math; Music = Art, therefore Math = Art 


I seek to invade the event horizon of endless matrices propagating the infinite degrees of the auditory space-time continuum, where the void becomes hyperbolically anointed. 

Talk to us about your early years and your discovery of Electronic music. What was the spark that made you go from fan to artist?

The soundtrack to every Sonic The Hedgehog Game from the Genesis, CD, or Game Gear consoles.

Music = Math; Music = Art, therefore Math = Art 




If you could draw your sound in a picture - what would everyone see?

A brain being examined post-mortem.


This picture that you just drew, what has influenced you in the past that has led you to illustrate sounds in this way?

Carl Jung


Production techniques. Take us through your workflow - is there any specific skill you learned that has increased the quality of your music?


Just learning how to better navigate my MacBook. It's still running (slowly) since I first got it in 2012; First and foremost, I like to use whatever resources or already there to begin with, working with 99 cent apps on my iPhone 6s just for starters. I like the programs called Fused, Layout, Pic Stich, Splice, ReverseVid, Vont to help with working with audio/visual ideas, and I've made tracks on Garage Band going between iPhone and Mac. I have about 13 years experience using Reason starting with Reason 2.5/3.0 and Digital Performer. I am now at 10.0 with a few midi controllers and a MicroKorg, as well as a TC Helicon Voice-Live Touch, and a single Audio-Technica turntable.

Watching video tutorials and going to see friends at SamAsh/Guitar Center here in Orlando/Winter Park...you learn a lot watching videos, reading/trolling comments in YouTube videos when the validity of the video is being argued, it's interesting to discover what you can about helping workflow evolve.


I think focusing on the monotony of reading artist interviews and troubleshooting In-Person or Online, both have helped in increasing the quality of my music. Mistakes are always going to happen. Do you want to know how to help with your mistakes in music production? Then you need to continue making more mistakes. You need to sweat to be a winner.

"I seek to further define the unlimited linear regression of psychoacoustic space within the nervous system..."




Let’s talk about the projects you are involved with. Anything you wish to share?

I just released a very avant-garde album on iTunes, Bandcamp, and Spotify.

FrankExit - Apollo Acid -The album takes you from the plains of Mars to the forests of Silver Springs, FL, questioning when Noah's Ark will emerge again, and what it would have looked like in Biblical Times. There are facets of AI Singularity and Corporate Satire, I try to make new genres when I produce. You will understand when you hear it.


What are the clubs like on the planet you are from?


Everyone is the DJ here and people can line up to take turns transitioning to the next track and deciding what track that should be. This planet would be very similar this one club I went to in Copenhagen, Denmark in the summer of 2013. They played Kernkraft by Zombie Nation, and it was the best thing ever.


Frank, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This mix is about boosting your confidence in the "Survival Of The Fittest" idea of the American Dream. A dream which many of US, sadly, have no time for because we don't sleep as much as we used to.


Glass still being half full, I like to make things thematic with everything I do.  It's not always about Space, but E=MC^2, so. Tell me about your past? There will always be a subtle hint of satire in what I do.  It is about not taking things so seriously, and lowering my ego below that of my fans.