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Exclusive Mix & Interview

February 25th, 2018


City: Buenos Aires

Country: Argentina

Genre: Psychedelic / Noise / Sound Art

Label: Diente de Sierra

Release Type: Digital




Flaub. Introduce yourself and who you are.

What I use to say when someone asked me something like that -  A soul expressing his wish to give its best. For that, I need a physical body capable to unfold their actions in the earthly world, and learn from that marvelous experience of sharing with others the outcome. In the meantime, I love to apprehend that music can be done in a different way.

We notice you are a very diverse artist. Can you tell us a little about your history and how you got to where you are today?

I started to explore sounds and musical devices at a young age. My first instrument was a synth when I was a kid. I think somehow it left a mark on me. Many years later, I had to move to a place with plenty of empty walls so I began to explore painting, digital art, and even sculpture - just to fill the space.

That was when I realized how seemingly different art expressions could be so closely intertwined. From that point deliberately, and with a more formal purpose, I started to search for connections between my eyes and ears; nothing new at all but the approach. I used to enjoy the process so much and I loved the result.


Inspiration use to come from the same source. The highest aspect of yourself and your consciousness can be focused on, so when I get into that creative state, I drive it to one or another way of expression, it depends on the type of project I’m working on. Sometimes, I visualize images that finally get form as sounds and also in opposite manner.

Flaub, noise, experimental, sound, art

"It seems that the trend in contemporary art is to blur the boundaries between different






What are some of your biggest achievements to date?

Every time people let me know that they like what I do and they feel inspired by my work. The latest project I’m working on, makes me really happy as well. It is a performative ensemble called “Delforus.” When we use to play live, the type of music you would have experienced can be heard on this (production) mix.

As a composer, performer, and visual artist, how you do you format your mind to create for each unique project?


Well, I prefer to answer how I manage to unformat it, as I think that it’s all about that. I mean, how to get rid of that thought. The matrix that society tries to implant on every human brain. I think this process starts when you begin to ask yourself, “Are my thoughts really mine?” And there you realize that many behaviors are just implanted values to make you react in a certain way to face a given situation, as if they were apps. As if we were apps. Usually these behavior inserts come from publicity, a very popular tool nowadays that has the ability to program our tastes and desires, if we allow it.

Huge amounts of resources are driven to make it as subtle as possible, utilizing subliminal messages that can deeply infiltrate our minds and let people think in a certain way. Therefore, publicity, and to some extent entertainment, is designed to enslave the human spirit. As an alternative, art exists to liberate it and make us think about other things.

Of course, many people can say that publicity is the core of our economy and that it drives the world as we know it, and maybe they are right, but it is also well known that if this world continues as it is, a specialized machine dedicated to making people unhappy, well...

When performing onstage, what message would you like to convey to the audience?

Deepness. We are multidimensional beings that can trip outside this world just with the power of sound.

Flaub, noise, experimental, sound, art


"When you begin to perceive unspoiled emotions and unprecedented sensations, you can


close your eyes and realize that far planet is inside your mind..."




If your audience was to close their eyes and see images of your sounds, in your opinion, what could they be?


A distant planet landscape that in some way is closer than we think. A place that lives inside ourselves. A new kind of beauty. Purple skies and wild animals inviting us to trespass the border of our ordinary state. The deepest forest we could imagine.

In the future, what other types of media would you like to incorporate into your performances?

It seems that the trend in contemporary art is to blur the boundaries between different mediums and to think of an artist as a multidisciplinary actor that can appeal to any material state and technique to better express their ideas.

I agree and would rather like to think that behind matter exists a particular energy configuration that can model solids, liquids, gases, and etheric shapes. In this line, sound by itself is what is closer to that energy source. With that said, that is why it has such power to shape our state, hence, be careful when you manage sounds.

Back to the question about what other types of media would I like to manage? Wherever the sound leads me.

If Flaub was a planet, how far away would it be?

When you listen for the first time to this kind of music and sound art expressions, you will find them so distant that you may think people that make and hear this are completely mad or something. But thanks to the ability of the very sound, when you begin to perceive unspoiled emotions and unprecedented sensations, you can close your eyes and realize that far planet is inside your mind now.


Flaub, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This is high dynamic range music, meaning that you need to raise the volume knob in order to appreciate it at its best. At first, you may feel uncomfortable because this music will take you out of your comfort zone, but if you are brave enough, just let the rocket launch and welcome these new stimuli. I promise that those first efforts will be rewarded.

Flaub, noise, experimental, sound, art
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