Exclusive Mix & Interview

September 29nd, 2019


City: Beit Oren

Country: Israel

Genre: Electronic / World / Acid House

Label: Hard Fist / Drumtek Records




Feller - Welcome. introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about who you are.


Hey, so i'm Eran Feller. I live in a small village in the North of Israel called Beit Oren.  I'm a DJ, producer, actor and a circus man. I have been DJ-ing and producing for about 10 years. I play all around Israel and a little in Europe. I'm a father of 3 and they are my inspiration right now.



Let’s talk Israel. Tell us about where you live and how your sound represents the culture.


I live in Kibbutz - a small village in the north of Israel thats sits on a beautiful Nature Reserve. I grew up there and recently came back home from Jerusalem. My music and my art has always been inspired by a mix of natural, urban and technology. 


The other side of Israel is a very intensive, fast and loud environment. People here love it when the action is hard and fast. I'm happy as it's a reflection of my work. Most of the time, my sound is not perfect. It's a bit strutted, distorted - but it has a lot of soul.

"Most of the time, my sound is not perfect. It's a bit strutted, distorted - but it has a lot of soul"




Take us through some of the most memorable moments of your career.


My friend Amit Stark - a really great “outsider” DJ  was a very big inspiration to me.  

He invited me to preform live at his party called  “Hypnotiq Discotec” in Jerusalem. I was very excited and a bit stressed so I was siting all day long in my home studio in Jerusalem - preparing the show with a combination of Ableton and samplers. When I got to the party I was so inspired by the vibe that I didn’t have the will to play what I prepared. I felt that it didn't go with vibe of the party so I just took out my Korg ESX-1 sampler and just improvised on the machine. It became a crazy rave with one sampler!

From that point on, I always felt that my attitude to play and perform as a DJ has changed. The vibe became more important than the sound and perfection.


What is something you would like to change in terms of popular culture and the adoption of new ideas in society?


I feel sometimes that it's hard to remember why we are doing all this and we become a duplicate of others. Doing the same thing- the same music and just calling it by different names.


I feel that I want to give more attention and space to creativity and to new and unknown sounds, rather then what is cool now or what is the sound that people are expecting to hear - what pizza you should get or even what drugs are cool to do.

Even when people take drugs, it's not for exploring new things about themselves. They take them just to feel powerful about their image, so most of the time - nobody comes for the music. They come to get “fucked up” and in the same way, your dreams and hallucinations are designed. Society is very narrow mined.

But there is no other way. Everybody needs to wake up tomorrow for their jobs so you can’t dream too far away 



Any places you would love to travel and play? Any one you would love to collaborate with?

I would like to go to Japan as I am fascinated by their culture. I love to travel so I would go anywhere. I also have a dream to collaborate with Norman Cook aka Fatboy Slim. He is my spiritual guide.

"I always felt that my attitude to play and perform as a DJ has changed. The vibe became more important than the sound and perfection."




Tell us about your music setup. The beginnings, the mids and the now.



From the very young age of 7, I was interested in things like tapes and cassettes. I always pretended that I had a radio show. I was that kid that danced at a party all night long. During the day I was always hiding because I am a very shy guy but at some point I decided that I want to be the one playing the music at the party. Then I got addicted. I started to play everywhere that I could. Parties, clubs, weddings - everywhere no matter where it was.

I then started taking my vision of producing music more seriously. Now I play more of what I feel and hope that a couple of people will understand my vision and my vibe.

And of course, I still play weddings for living  (-:



Feller, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


The mix I made for Smelly Feet Records is a mix of unreleased songs and future releases. There are also unfinished tracks that I felt it's now time to let go and get out into the world. It is a mix of Acid House, Techno - organic, light and dark -

Downtempo, up temperament - my ADHD world. Thanks for hosting me.