Event Showcase: Electric Island 2017

August 7th, 2017

Artist Interview: Nature of Music

City: Toronto

Country: Canada

Genre: Deep House

Label: Sudbeat Music

Talk to us about your hardware setup and performance. What inspired you to start producing and performing this way?


We have a relatively small set up at the moment, which is nice because we can produce on the go, at a park or just about anywhere. At some point in the past we had a studio full of gear but as time went by, we realized that we're not using much of our equipment. We sold what we didn’t want and kept only the pieces that we really used and tried to learn the remaining pieces really well. NI Maschine, Ableton Live, Push, MFB Tanzbar, APC 40 MKII, Yamaha HS-80's, KRK Subwoofer, Yamaha Subwoofer, Moog Minitur, Saffire Pro 40, Motu Ultralite MK3, RME Fireface UCX, Focal Spirit and a lot of different plugins.

We notice you play in many of the major Canadian cities - take us through some of your favourite experiences from playing all around the country.

The last few years and especially this Summer has been amazing. We played a couple of times at Stereo Montreal, which we wish every DJ could experience - it's really something else! We shared a line up with Nymra & Sofisticated, Cesar Romero, Monitors, MightyKat and our toronto buddies Night Vision. We got to play in Vancouver for the first time at Gorg-o-mish, where we played with super talented Sam Zenn and Niki Sadeki. It was our first time in Vancouver and we didn't have high expectations, but it turned out to be one of our best nights in Canada. We also played in Ottawa and Calgary where we have strong ties with both cities and every time, it turns out to be a blast. These two cities are usually underestimated but once you get to know their scenes, you realize that there's a solid group of music heads out there that work super hard to expose their scene to niche music. Clubs like Habitat, Cary Chang, guys like Rick Laplante behind Framework, Ali, Sergio and Farid behind Deep Therapy, are doing an amazing job in giving back to their cities and working collaboratively. And of course, we've been feeling the love from Toronto, our home city. This Summer's been packed with some awesome local shows for long time friends and colleagues like Promise, Platform, Coda, SummerDaze, Electric Island, WOA, Parlour, Ozmosis, Techfui, Mahdavi, Dream Culture and many more.

"Toronto is where we started it all. We have so many good memories here, long lasting friendships, and a super loyal fan base."


Let's talk about Toronto. We know you run a booking agency, Equaria, and frequently play events in the city - why choose Toronto as your home, what attracts you to the city and makes it the place you want to be?


Toronto is where we started it all. We have so many good memories here, long lasting friendships and a super loyal fan base. If we were to move from here, it would have to be for a very VERY good reason... probably never ;)

But besides music, we like Toronto because of it's summers, because of the diversity, and its tolerant attitude. You can find practically any kind of food in they city, and if you drive 30 minutes away you'll find yourself in the middle of nature where you can get inspired. The city also has some of the most beautiful people you'll see, it's got a good looking crowd. Living here isn't cheap but it certainly is a treat.

Electric Island. What is it that keeps you coming back to play this particular event? Can you give our audience a mental image of the environment, the artists, the music and the crowd?

EIectric Island is one of those gigs/parties that we look forward to each and every summer. There are 4 of them. Each event is scheduled to take place on each of the 4 long weekends during the summer. Think of a massive open area with two stages, one with music that is catered to a larger crowd without being cheesy, and another stage that is smaller and catered to a crowd that prefers a more intimate setting. The artist line ups are thought through, the crowd is high energy and the visuals and the art work decorate the place with coziness. It's a great escape from our day-to-day life without having to commit to a mission! You should check it out sometime.


"The last few years and especially this Summer has been amazing. We played a couple of times at Stereo Montreal, which we wish for every DJ to experience..."


How do you select your music when performing at a music festival opposed to a nightclub?

We keep in mind that the music will be played in the daytime and outdoors. Those heavy subby tracks without melodies won't be appreciated the same way as they would, at low ceiling clubs. So we'll probably play a melodic set that puts people in a good mood. Something uplifting and positive. Pedro says it's Open Air!

You produce a track with Justin Trudeau - what would it be called?

420 ;)

End Interview

*This interview has been conducted as part of the pre-event footage for Electric Island, Toronto and LC-PR.

Event Footage & Live Interviews

Smelly Feet Records, in association with LC-PR - captured this timeless event that took place in Toronto, Canada. We had the great pleasure of interviewing  Jonathan Rosa and Kink.