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Exclusive Mix & Interview

October 31st, 2019


City: Verona

Country: Italy

Genre: Psy-Tech / Minimal

Label: Occultech




Welcome - Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like the audience to know?



Hi, my name is Andrea. I'm 29 years old and I live in Verona, Italy. The city of Romeo and Juliet.


I graduated in Philosophy. Music is my first love but also, pizza, gore video games, sci-fi and horror movies, anime. I'm super grateful to have the opportunity to know ya!! :D

Take us through your life in music.


Well, I have been a music lover since my childhood. In my family, music has always been so important for all of my family members. My grandpa was a piano player and my passion comes from him. This is the reason because I began to love music, through his passion and through him. It's like a way to continue his roots. His heredity. I'm sure that he wouldn't like what i'm doing because he came from a different generation but at the same time, I'm sure that he would love the way that I do it. Besides to my Grandpa, my Mother loves music too, My uncle as well as the whole family. So it was automatic for me to fall into the music world.

I started to do some experimentations more or less around 11/12 years old with an old stereo recorder. The classic 90's stereo that had cd's and cassettes. I usually took parts from normal songs trying to mix it with what I was listening to during that period.
Growing up I always understood more things about the Electronic music world. I studied a little bit of piano theory and guitar for some years with my Grandpa and at the age of 16, I entered into the world of DAWs and began to take the music software seriously.

Psy-Tech and Minimal music from Verona, Italy. Exclusive Interview and Mix with Egomorph. Brought to you by Smelly Feet Records.

"I tried to mix what I love from Psy, Minimal and all the massive influences that have had a big impact in my life."




Tell us about your production process. Are there any strategies you use which help in achieving your sound?



So usually my production process starts with a loop that I write. A simple kick-bass with my usual sounds that I've reached during the last period. I then write down some phrases with some other type of sounds - randomly to have an idea or to set ideas down. Sometimes I have them already in my mind, sometimes not. I reach them through the song. I can say that most of the time it  is the song that writes herself.

Before this technical side of the composition, the production process starts a lot earlier. I watch a lot of movies and I listen to lots of different music so during this time of storage, I accumulate ideas, inspirations and all the ingredients - specifically by the soundtracks of the movies. After that I'm usually super inspired and it's easy for me to write something catchy, even if it's relative.

About the construction of the sounds, I worked hard during these last years to reach my own style, my own imprinting, and a particular type of sound that represents what I have in mind and what I love about Electronic music. I tried to mix what I love from Psy, Minimal and all the massive influences that have had a big impact in my life.



What is your favorite piece of equipment - hardware/software/other?


My favourite piece of equipment is for sure software. I would like to get into analog/ hardware but I've grown up in the middle of the digital development during the digital revolution so for me, it is more natural to prefer the digital stuff, even if for some reason, it is a little bit less intuitive and natural then the approach when working with analog machines. You know, you can touch the machines with your hands, you can reach a real relation with them. You can touch something real and in my opinion, this can possibility change how you do music. Every time it's better. It's not virtual but it's real. Despite all of that that, I am naturally lean towards the digital side of the music.



Build your own perfect environment for you to showcase your sound. Who, what, where, how and why?

So I never really thought about this, ahah - It's the first time. Maybe to be sure that my music hits in the right way. For sure I would choose a small place. I love the small clubs with a dark atmosphere and underground style that reflects what I want to make  and feel with my music. A little bit of a punk attitude too with not that many people. The right number with the right energy to live with the music. For sure I would choose a Funktion One sound system because from my experience, they are the best that I've heard during my small career. My PC, my controllers and a lotttt of new music :D

Another situation I would play in, would be a forest. Yes the forest would be the best


Psy-Tech and Minimal music from Verona, Italy. Exclusive Interview and Mix with Egomorph. Brought to you by Smelly Feet Records.

"I love the small clubs with a dark atmosphere and underground style that reflects what I want to make  and feel with my music."




Lets talk traveling. Where have you been and where do you want to go? Both visiting and playing.


About traveling, I visited some places around Europe a couple of years ago with my girlfriend. I visited Malta, Berlin and Barcelona. Before that, during my high school period, I visited Berlin a couple of times - Hamburg and other cities in Germany. During my university period, I visited Amsterdam (crazy city).

With music, I had the possibility to travel more and more, so for example - my first official gig as a special guest was in Mauritius. One of the best moments in my life. I played in Zagreb (Croatia), in Ghent (Belgium) and during this April, I stayed one month in Australia for a mini tour. So I saw Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The last one was Salzburg in Austria.

I love this about music. That she can easily bring you around the world. I would like to visit London, England for sure but other cities as well. I would like to see Paris and all the capital cities of Europe. And last but not least, U.S.A. If I have the possibility to see the whole world at least once before I die, I would for sure.



As a DJ - any memorable moments you wish to share?


The best memorable moment was during my first gig in Mauritius. It was insane!!
During the years, growing up with the first community and fan base of my music. They were the first that loved and supported my music and projects. During that time, 
I known a lot of them through Facebook chat, and when I finally came there, I had the possibility to know them face to face and hang out. They became my friends. I have a lot of good memories of the time passed together. It was crazy! They were the best people, music lovers and crowd that I ever seen in my life. I will never forget the energy and the passion that they have spread.

It was so important for me because from that moment I understood that I could do what I do. I could continue, because my music in some ways, hit the people inside. And that's the best satisfaction that an artist could have. I can't live without it.


We want to know a little more about you. Speak freely on any topic you want.

So it's important for me to say that what I've learned in Electronic music, was an alone process. When I started, there weren't schools for producers. There weren't schools for DJ's. I started with some of my friends with the same passion and during that time we shared our knowledge to grow up.


But yeah, for me it's important to say that this was a spontaneous process. An attitude that I fed during that time, despite the difficulties of life, etc. My mother was such an important part of this process because she understood immediately about my love for music and gave me support to continue to do it. For that and for a lot of other reasons, I will be forever grateful to her. She is my savior :)

I graduated in Philosophy. It's my second passion or the first parallel passion with music. I fell in love with it when I was in Highschool and I'm so happy to have graduated. To have done this kind of studies has enriched me inside. I grown up in the inner state. Even in Italy, is very hard to find a job graduating in this kind of field but I'm proud to have done it.


Egomorph, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


Aaaah, Egomorph in a few sentences is hard. I can say: experimentation, musical freedom and spontaneity. I don't really know but I try to do what I do without compromise. Yes a good sentence would be: spontaneity without compromise. I like it :)

About this special mix,  it was very exciting for me to do it because it happened during a very changing period. I'm very prolific - I was preparing some new stuff since the last month of the Summer and during these last 2 months, I produced a lot of new tracks.


The mix is completely exclusive because I used only unreleased songs, maybe some that will be never released. I was inspired specifically by this period, by the occasion of Halloween. It's perfect to create some Horror music stuff. My tendencies to sample old Horror movies speeches and have an atmosphere that is increased with this particular situation. I'm super grateful that you gave me this opportunity to do it. It's the first interview for me - and with this super combination with the mix, I can talk with my mind and heart through the music. So thank you sooo much Smelly Feet Records for that!! I hope to be able to come to New York City sooner or later :D

Psy-Tech and Minimal music from Verona, Italy. Exclusive Interview and Mix with Egomorph. Brought to you by Smelly Feet Records.
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