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Exclusive Mix & Interview

November 12th, 2017

Double Drop

City: Cidade de Maputo

Country: Mozambique

Genre: House / Tech-House

Label: Teoria Do Groove 

Release Type: Digital




Double Drop. Introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a bit about who you are.

Double Drop, DJ and producer who loves music a lot. Although not having trained in what I do, it feels like I was already born with music in my soul.

For those who have never travelled to Mozambique, can you give us a description of what the nightlife is like in your city of Maputo?



Maputo is a beautiful city. Mozambique in general is amazing. We have beautiful beaches here. I had the opportunity to play at a festival on one of our best beaches "Praia do Tofo" at OCEANFEST, and it was fantastic. Speaking specifically of Maputo, well, the nightlife here is very diverse, because it is a multicultural city, you can find everything here. Various types of parties for all kinds of tastes. The music industry here in Mozambique is still very young, for a producer and DJ this is not a disadvantage, but an advantage.

double drop, tech-house, maputo, Mozambique, Teoria Do Groove

"Although not having trained in what I do, it feels like I was already born with music in my soul."




In terms of the music culture, what could be improved, what would you never change?

Well, I think everything can be improved. When I make a sound that I think is perfect and people vibrate with that sound, after a while I feel I could have done better. But of course I think that with each passing day there is a need for an artist to have their own identity. My search is now in the sounds of native vocals. I've already worked on it and I've felt something different. It’s kind of a feeling like nothing i’ve experienced before. What I will never change is the predisposition to produce different styles of music, different genres of house.


Tell us about a few of your most recent releases. How did they come about?



The latest releases are very special to me. First, I will talk about my song "Insecurity" that I made beside my partner Tushimitsu. In this song we use native vocals, a voice of an old man repeating a sentence. From start to end of the musical track, the voice is present. We sent the track to a Polish label that we liked a lot, "With Widow Records", and they liked the originality of the track, and we signed with them.

Another special release is of my song "Hey Puppy", that will be released by the label on "First Edition" at November 20th. I have always listened to the songs on this label and today I am pleased to announce that I have a scheduled release with them. In this song I cut the vowel of a phrase that my girlfriend sent me. I asked her to record a voice note saying something and without her knowing I put her voice in my music. I showed her and she was thrilled, laughed a lot and said I was crazy. She was very pleased to know that the work was accepted by the "First Edition" of the "Artist Intelligence Agency"

Any upcoming projects you would like the audience to know about?



The next step is to launch an album and make some videos. I think it's something that people here do not expect from someone who does the style of music I play.

double drop, tech-house, maputo, Mozambique, Teoria Do Groove


"What I will never change is the predisposition to produce different styles of music..."




Are you planning to travel in the next year to perform or work on music? Whereabouts and with who?



Yes. I have made some contacts with some people in Brazil, but nothing solid yet.

In England I have a good relationship with Mark Radford, owner of "Audio rehab", which is widely recognized as one of London's most influential underground labels with its own residency at the legendary Ministry of Sound. With the backing of Rinse FM's administration and PR teams and a growing roster of artists, AudioRehab was born from Mark’s desire to harness and expose fresh talent.

I think if I go to England I will work with him.

If you were a safari tour, what would your guide name be?




Double Drop, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This mix is very special, it has several songs that I have not released yet, and it also has a song that I will never release, which is the rework of my first song in the genre house "Riddick", which was very well received by the people here in Mozambique and South Africa. The mix also contains a diversity of sounds and rhythms. I hope you like it. Keep your feet dirty.

double drop, tech-house, maputo, Mozambique, Teoria Do Groove
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