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Exclusive Mix & Interview

March 4th, 2018


City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Genre: House / Disco / Afro

Label: OYE Records / Money $ex

Release Type: Digital / Vinyl




Delfonic. Introduce yourself to our audience.

Hi, I’m Delfonic from Berlin, representing the record store, OYE Records and Money $ex Records.

As an artist who is involved with many labels, how do you differentiate the core foundations, sounds, visuals and elements involved with each project?

It's quite a full time job to deal with a lot of labels, but I always have partners in crime - Max Graef & Glenn Astro for Money $ex Records, and Rahel Süsskind, who does most of our designs. For these projects, I am the decision maker, and for me, it's not about the master plan for every label, its more about the feeling and how we should pursue this feeling. The master plan follows.

I'm lucky that I can work with a lot of great artists, mastering studios, pressing plants and graphic designers. It makes my job easier when there is a passionate crew inside or outside of OYE.

delfonic, oye records, money $ex records

"...representing the record store, OYE Records and Money $ex Records."




Tell us about OYE Records. How did it start and what makes it so unique?


OYE was founded by Lovis Willenberg in 2002, and Tinko and I became partners in 2007. We always try to be an open minded Record Store and our philosophy is that everybody is welcome and should feel comfortable at the store. Also, we work closely with other labels, artists and promoters to be more than just a record store. We aim to be more of a community and a proper network within the music scene.

We started ages ago doing in store sessions to bring people back to the record store and we have around 2-3 in store sessions coming up with befriended Labels and Djs.

Berlin. What is it about that city?

Berlin is still one of the best cities worldwide when you look at the Music & Club scene. Sadly, a lot of infrastructure is now lost in the middle of the city, but there are always ways to bring in something new. Also, the older clubs are still the best in the world when it comes to bookings and music programs.

And not to forget, that there are so many artists, labels, and startups located in Berlin and the vibrating mood is, for me, really exciting.



Any memorable moments about both the city of Berlin and your involvement in the music scene that you’d like to share?

The moment when I realized that I have the honor to be part of the project of OYE - turning into an unforgettable record store in the scene. The feedback we received from outside of the city is overwhelming.

The OYE Blockparty we had 2013, in front of the Record Store during Fete de la Musique was insane. I was expecting maybe 200 people, but at the end, the police closed the whole street and there were around 5.000 people raving to the closing set of Modeselektor.

Our 15 year anniversary party, at Salon zur wilden Renate, was also a great moment. When we got to see what we achieved in the last couple of years and then celebrated the music with a lot of great befriended DJs and artists.

delfonic, oye records, money $ex records


"We aim to be more of a community and a proper network within the music scene. "




Future collaborations. Who would you like to work with and where would you like to go?

Not really any ideas for collaborations at the moment, but I hope, that our new OYE Webshop will be reaching more people who have our taste in music in mind.

What are some of your favorite vinyl releases from the past 3 years?

Too many to mention as I try to check through all the kinds of genres, but I´m really happy that we produced 3 Albums with the Torben Unit Band.

If you had to choose between an 8-Track or a Mini-Disc, which would it be?

I'm the generation that grew up with Mini-DIsc - still have tons of them loaded with radio shows and mixes ;-)


Delfonic, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

The most exciting releases right now are more Electro / Breakbeat, so I decided to choose the more deep Electro / Techno tracks from our catalogue. I also chose 3 tracks from the upcoming LP on Money $ex by Christopher Rau. This release will be in around 2-3 months!

delfonic, oye records, money $ex records
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