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Exclusive Mix & Interview

October 6th, 2019

Claude Monnet

City: Paris

Country: France

Genre: Deep House / House

Label: SSOH Music



Claude, welcome - We’re very honored to have you here with us. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?



I'm Claude Monnet - Dj since 1985, label owner / manager of SSOH Music since 1995. A producer and publisher since 1995 as well. I like real Italian food made by real Italians.



You made a production only mix with your music only. Why did you pick these tracks? Tell us about them.



This is actually the first time I did a mix with my music only. It has been a big challenge for me because I have produced a lot of tracks, albums and remixes. It has been hard to do a proper selection. I wanted to do a selection showing everything about my musical culture and inspirations. It is all about Jazz, Disco, Funk, Afro, Ethnic music, House and Techno. All the tracks selected for this mix are made of these.

claude monnet pics 2_edited.jpg

"I like to change quite often. I don't want to have the same sound - I want it to evolve."



What is your current production setup? Do you regret getting rid of anything that you still wish you had today?



I work with a Mac Pro on Logic Pro X, Antelope Orion + sound card. All sound card channels go in a Dangerous Music 2 Buss+ and then in a Dangerous Music Liaison for the Hardware mastering chain (Elysia Alpha Compressor, Elysia Music Q, Pultec EQP1, Weiss Engineering Gambit DS1, Waves L2).


For the music composition and production, I have a bunch of hardware synths and Neve Preamps to record them. I'm not really attached to gear or synths I have. Every year I sell one or two of them to buy new models or vintages ones. I like to change quite often. I don't want to have the same sound - I want it to evolve.



What would you like to add to your current workflow, in terms of hardware, software, or skill-set?



I would say nothing. This set up is the one I really wanted and I'm fully satisfied with the result. But if I had more space in my studio I would do a vocal record booth. 



Is there anything you miss about being an artist without current technology?



I started doing music without a computer in the early 90's. It was a very nice experience but sincerely, new technologies offer us the opportunity to make music everywhere - on a plane or a train. That's also really cool.

claude monnet pics 3_edited.jpg

"Those who make music or DJ for the wrong reasons don’t really last in the end. That's the rule."




Tell us about some of the milestones in your career. What stands out?



1985 - Start of my DJ career

1990 - Start of my Producer career  

1995 - Start of my Label Owner/manager career 

1997 - Start my international DJ career (Ibiza, North America, South America, and Asia tours).



Have you picked up any knowledge or viewpoints from the new school of DJs and Producers?



I always share my knowledge with newcomers and they generally do the same with me. Each new period brings it's share of new artists and DJs. Some of them bring a bit of freshness and a new vision - their own vision of underground music.


Most of the time they are those that last in time. Those who make music or DJ for the wrong reasons don’t really last in the end. That's the rule. 



What does the future hold for Claude Monnet - What would you like to accomplish? What can we expect?



Surely some new musical projects, new collaborations with artists and musicians from everywhere in the world. I have some new materiel coming on AZZUR label and 2 other EP's coming on other labels. 



Any Special shoutouts?


I just want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this mix and this interview. I would like to thank everyone who has always supported me and my work.

claude monnet pics 8.jpg
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