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Exclusive Mix & Interview

December 22nd, 2018


City: Guernsey, Channel Islands

Country: United Kingdom

Genre: Abstract Hip-Hop

Label: Behind The Veil




Welcome - Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?


I'm Drew Carpenter also known as Cell:Adore. I create Abstract Hip Hop and Ambient music. 


Tell us about your history. What was it that influenced you to start this project?


I've been crafting music since 2010ish. I've released music under 'Gastly' and 'Somber' specializing in Deep Dubstep/D&B. Overtime I eventually stepped away from the scene and kept to myself due to personal issues. I co-founded a Dubstep blog in 2015 with my friend Acomply called "After Dark Music" until my departure from the imprint late 2016.


It's a multitude of things that I've seen, heard and experienced in life that lead up to Cell:Adore. There's no pin point as I'm still slowly trying to morph the current idea into something else, only time will tell.

cell:adore, abstract, hip-hop. samples, bass

"It's a multitude of things that I've seen, heard and experienced


in life that lead up to Cell:Adore."




If you could draw your sounds in a picture - what would everyone see?


Late summers eve, sat upon a bench near the cliff side, behind me the rough, uncut grassland along side a dusty pathway that will lead you towards a worn German fort. On my right hand side I'm overlooking at the remains of a beach while the waves mercilessly crash into the cliff face filling the lovingly tense and exciting atmosphere. I gaze up into the moon and stars, I know that this feeling is true... and in front of me, the women who was once so dear to me, my heart.


This picture that you just drew, what has influenced you in the past that has led you to illustrate sounds in this way?

This personal experience and all that followed after it, what inspires me in general is art, poetry, paintings, photography and the human body.


The branding for Cell:Adore is very unique. How are the ideas conceptualized?


At this point I just go with what I feel fits the music as I see art and music as one in the same. The idea is to feel the art as the music surrounds you intensifying the mood.

cell:adore, abstract, hip-hop. samples, bass


"The idea is to feel the art as the music surrounds you..."




You seem to be involved with a number of different outlets. Behind The Veil, Sundays with Cell:Adore. Tell us about them.

Sundays with Cell:Adore was a little mix series I did for a bit of fun. I brought a terrible little controller off a mate that's when I conceptualized the mix series. The general idea was to feature labels and artists on it, Tectorum Tapes was the only to feature. At the time I was planning on doing a split cassette release with Tectorum until I decided it wasn't any good. The last mix was aired on Subtle FM via my good friend Thromb's bi-weekly slot, shortly after that I stopped mixing with the controller.

Behind The Veil is my little sweet heart I self-release my music on. I'm a very creative and hands on person - have been since I was a kid, creating model airplanes out of paper and a glue stick. With BTV I can design/edit the artwork for cassettes I slowly build and dub each tape individually, takes forever! this year I re-released my first album "For Her" on a short cassette edition of 40 with re-worked and added artwork.


Give us some insight into the future. What can we expect?



You can expect my 2nd album "Vixen" to be released sometime during 2019. I'm working on a full live beat performance using my SP404/MPD32 through Ableton so hopefully there will be that to look forward to next year, this mix has been mixed mostly off an SP404 while performing only 4 tunes live. Unsure what else you can expect, lets just see what happens.


We want to know a little more about you. Take this opportunity to speak freely on any topic you want.



It might be worth adding that I'm relocating somewhere along the Southern coast of the mainland UK next year I wont be island bound for much longer. With this move I will try to to be more involved with the UK hip hop scene, so you might catch me around somewhere, whether I'm hungover in an art gallery or attending a show. That being said feel free to drop me a message anytime it would be nice to meet fellow UK producers before the move.


Cell:Adore, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


I hope you are reading this and thanks for a great last summer here, this mix is inspired by our short while together, see you when I see you. I'd personally like to thank anybody who has supported/supports me, it means more than I can express. I aim to give you a lot more in the future.

cell:adore, abstract, hip-hop. samples, bass
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