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Exclusive Mix & Interview

June 16th, 2019

Binary Digit

City: Grenoble

Country: France

Genre: Electro  / Acid / Electronic




Welcome - Introduce yourself, who you are, where your from, and what makes you get up each morning.



Hi, I'm Ben. 28 years old and I'm from Grenoble, France. I've made electronic music since I was a teenager and I get up each morning because of my alarm clock most of the time.

Your first time behind the decks. What was the music like in the year you started DJ'ing. Any tracks / groups / artists that shaped the sound of your career today?

I started DJ'ing at a young age. My older sister was involved in the free party scene in the late 90's and early 2000's. One day she took me with her to visit some of her friends who were there mixing hard techno, I was instantly blown away.


They ended up giving me some techno records and I started to try reproducing what I saw with old turntables laying around and the cheapest mixer ever.


I can't really tell you names of artists or tracks from that period, but I remember playing 33 rpm records at 45 and pitching everything up. Maybe that’s why I’m into fast BPMS so much now. Later on I started to get into turntablism and scratching. Dj Qbert’s Dirtstyle Records for example, may have been the influence that took me to Electro.


"...I remember playing 33 rpm records at 45 and pitching everything up. Maybe that’s why I’m into fast BPMS so much now."



How does your personality and sound connect with each other? Did this happen naturally or do you make an effort to create the synergy between the two?

I think the two connect naturally. When you make electronic music you develop methods to create sounds and build tracks. Then it is your feelings, the mood you're in, or simple things like what happened to you the night before that makes the magic happen.


I think about concepts when I want to make a track and not think to much after that, something happens or sometimes not.

5 records you can’t live without.

  • -  Dopplereffekt - Gesamtkunstwerk

  • -  Arpanet - Wireless Internet

  • -  AFX - Analord 9 (and all others Analord’s)

  • -  All CN releases (sorry can’t pick one)

  • -  Ceephax Acid Crew - United Acid Emirates

What experiences or memorable moments have you had that helped you grow as both a musician and as a person? Any advice for newer artists?

People I’ve been able to meet and connect with through music in real life. For example, I’ve released a record on my neighbor Label “Stochastic Releases” after I gave him a tape in his parking lot and now he is a friend. I think i’ve learned a lot by exchanging with him and through his vision of music.


I’ve met some really cool people traveling for gigs too. I’m glad music made me able to do this. What’s amazing about making electronic music is that you will always have something new to learn, software, synthesis method, drum machine, even programming languages. There is always room for experimentation. So the only advice I could give is just to have fun trying and learning new stuff.

"There is always room for experimentation."




Tell our audience about some of your upcoming releases or projects.

I’ve just released a record on Seven Hills Records. A cool vinyl label from England.
For what’s coming, I’ll do another record with Dream Ticket in the near future and I’m working on a compilation of my virtual modular synthesizer and pure data patches for a cassette with Stochastic Releases. I’ll certainly continue trying whatever new piece of software or equipment I can find for making noises too :)

If your speakers could talk, what would they say?

“It’s time to move us away from the walls”

Binary Digit, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

I’ve done this mix like I always do. I don’t really try to showcase anything when mixing. I just play whatever I would like to listen at that time. Hope you will like it :)

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