Exclusive Mix & Interview

March 29th, 2020

Beth Lydi

City: Berlin

Country: Germany

Genre:  Tech House

Label: SNOE

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat



Beth, welcome. Introduce yourself to our audience. Anything special you would like them to know?

Hey guys! Thank you so much for having me, happy to be on board. Well, I’m actually secretly a treehugger! There! I said it! Now it’s out in the open :)


Take us through your life in music.

Always loved it, always needed it in my life. However, as my request for turntables was turned down by my parents when I was 15-16, I didn’t get into DJing until my 20s, and that was by accident. We laugh a lot about it now.


Today, music is everything to me. Besides my absolute favourite hobby, DJing and producing - I also work with more administrative stuff such as label management and bookings. Which is good now as I don’t have any performances anymore until who knows when.

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat

"...music is everything to me."

As a very active Producer, DJ & Label Owner, how do you find the time to focus your attention on each craft? 

Well, it is a 24 hour / 7 day a week job but I love it! I feel very lucky to be able to make money from my hobby. But I do have to structure my time a bit, especially because I don’t want to do admin. stuff when I’m being creative. So when I’m in my studio, I don’t check mails or have my phone close by. And then I have days where I say ok, today I have to deal with everything else.


The wonderful thing is that I am 100% self-employed and for all my tasks, I basically only need laptop and internet which means I can travel a lot and can work when I want to.


Tell us about your production process. Are there any strategies you use which help in achieving your sound?

Well, I always start with the groove. It has to be a good groove. This is the first rule. If the groove doesn’t make you want to dance by itself, it doesn’t matter how much great synths you add, it will still not be "the one". If you have a good groove, the rest will follow.


When the groove is right, I start to play around with other elements. I don’t think I could be without the Arturia V collection. This is the perfect collection for any synth junkie out there.


What is your favorite piece of equipment - hardware/software/other?

Haha, I think I already mentioned it. A software from Arturia - the V Collection. It has so many juicy synths, absolutely fantastic. I use it in EVERY track.

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat

"Sometimes it feels as if we all have this secret understanding - I’m part of the dance floor and we are all in it together..."




Being a DJ - From open air festivals, clubs, and events - what is your favorite place to play and why? 

This is probably such a cliche answer but I enjoy both a lot. They are so different. But that’s also part of why DJing is so great - every show is different. I always look forward to the next one because you never really know what will be. Being outside at a festival is fantastic. People dress up in insane outfits, crazy lights and decorations. It vibes a lot.


But also, clubbing is a huge favourite of mine. Sweating and being together somewhere more intimate. Sometimes it feels as if we all have this secret understanding - I’m part of the dance floor and we are all in it together kind of.


Give us some insight into your upcoming projects. What can we expect?

Well, I have A LOT of time in the studio at the moment, so really a bunch of new music! I have added some in the mix so you can see if you can spot the new tunes ;)


Tell us something about you that the audience at your performance might not ever know.

I’m always nervous before I begin, but after a couple of the first tracks it’s fine. Then I’m in the groove. I think I make myself nervous because I’m always like "Ah, I don’t know what to play!“ until a few minutes before I start. But then the music comes on and I stop thinking and just do. Maybe it’s a tendency to overthink?



Beth Lydi, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to


This is a special Beth Lydi mix only! I have only used my own tracks, which is very funny. Don’t think I have ever done one like this, although of course - I play a lot of my own tracks in my DJ sets. As I can’t test my new tunes on the dance floor, I have decided to test some of them here. Very excited what people think :)

Photo Credit: Marie Staggat

End Interview

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