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Exclusive Mix & Interview

May 6th, 2018



City: Queens

Country: New York

Genre: Latin Trap




Austin. Introduce yourself to our audience and tell us more about who you are.

Hey everybody, my name’s Austin Lebrón and I make this cool type of music I’ve dubbed as “Latin Trap”. I’ve seen a lot of other people call it “Future Latin”, I’m cool with both names.



Queens, New York. What’s it like being a producer in the Queens borough of New York? Pros, Cons, everything in between.

Being a producer in Queens is pretty isolated to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of friends like Funknvibe, Dos Flakos, Radical One, Arif Omari, Frankliin (and many more) that are a train ride away. Being a producer in Queens, while a tad lonesome, does have its perks. I really get to hone in on the sound, I just have to travel a bit for gigs and to meet people which isn’t the worst thing in the world.

Austin Lebrón, Latin Trap, Future Trap

"...I make this cool type of music I've dubbed as "Latin Trap"."




Describe to us your musical style. What are your influences and how did you arrive at this sound?

I’d describe my musical style as music you can milly rock with your abuela to. It has that Trap, Jersey Club and Latin flavor for the young folks, but I take an old school approach to the Latin aspect and add some Jazzy elements so the older folks don’t feel so excluded.


I try to find a healthy balance of new & old in my music and that balance comes from listening to old school Salsa music, primarily Fania. Those songs were party songs for our grandparents when they were in their 20’s, so I feel that same energy shouldn’t leave. I guess that’s why those old school Salsa jams are so timeless, because they had a little bit of something for everyone.

What are you currently doing to further improve your production skills?

I’m currently in school for Music. I feel that a proper education in any creative field is beneficial. You meet a lot of people and learn way more than you could on your own.


When producing a track, what emotions are you feeling?

Either I’m feeling “YOOOO THIS IS A PARTY!!” or “Ayy, this is chill”. It just depends on the song.

Austin Lebrón, Latin Trap, Future Trap


"I try to find a healthy balance of new and old in my music..."




If you could get a feature on any radio show, where and what would it be?

Any radio show where I’m able to have a deeper discussion about my music, the music industry, and music & society in general.


What are you hoping to achieve in your musical career - next 5 years and beyond?

Either teaching or making music and touring full time. Exhausting but fun.


Best pawn shop in Queens?

Errrrrrrrrrr, I have no clue. Points for originality though.


Austin Lebron, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

So, this mix is a great introduction to my style if you have no clue what it might sound like. I put a lot of my older remixes and originals in the mix mainly because I never get to play some of those songs out as much and they still deserve their time to shine. Also, if you don’t listen to Latin music don’t feel like this music isn’t for you. You feel it however you feel it and go with the vibes.

Austin Lebrón, Latin Trap, Future Trap
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