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Anthony Mena

Age : 25      Sex : Male     Zodiac : Scorpio      City : Nijmegen      Country : The Netherlands

Type : Exclusive Mix      Genre : Deep House / Tech- House / Techno

Hardware : Nexus 2000      Software : FL Studio



Smelly Feet Records: Mr Mena. Tell us about your sound and how has it evolved since the start of your career.


Anthony Mena: When I was younger, I started making House music in my bedroom and was inspired by artists like Swedish House Mafia. My sound was very big room House and I even started making Future House. But the last days I’m very into melodic Techno and Tech-House. When I started with my DJ career, I was in Berlin, playing at the Metaxa Bay. After my gig I went to an after party at Suicide Circus with my manager and promoter. This was the first time I felt in love with melodic Techno. I am now working on melodic Techno and very soon I will bless you with some sounds.

 "I think that producing your own song and playing them live is the best way to improve yourself in the music industry."

SFR: Any memorable advice that has helped shaped you into the artist you are today? Positive or Negative?


Mena: What made me the DJ / Producer I am right now is that I’m always open for other genres in music. My father is a Reggae fan and every morning, I was waking up hearing the sound of peace and love. Even Rock music and Samba had a main influence in my life. So if you want to improve yourself, be open to other genres.


SFR: As both a Producer and a Dj, how does one skill compliment the other? Is one necessary for the other? If so, why?

Mena: I think that being a DJ and Producer does compliment each other. This is a perfect way to play your own productions to the crowd and see what happens. This combination can be a little stressful too… I have had days that I had a gig and after my gig I had to rush to the studio to finish a song. But its the life I chose and I’m still happy with it. I think that producing your own song and playing them live is the best way to improve yourself in the music industry.


SFR: Describe to us your production process and what it is that inspires you. What emotions come into play while arranging such pieces?


Mena: When I’m in the studio, I know already what kind of music I want to make. Sometimes its digging for sounds but most of the time, I have them set and ready to use. The sounds I choose are sounds that describe my mood of that day. I always try to put all of my emotions into a song. With my new production, I even used organic sounds like water drops to bring more of the emotion into the song.

"...self expression is one of the most important things a person needs to make him or herself heard.."

SFR: If you were not producing music or DJing, what other form of art would you be doing to express yourself. Why is self expression so important?


Mena: If I wasn’t a DJ or Producer, I think I would be a student at the School of Arts as a Sound Designer. I think that self expression is one of the most important things a person needs to make him or herself heard.


SFR: Any current or upcoming projects you would like to share with our audience?


Mena: YES! Im working on a EP together with other producers and singer/songwriters. This EP would be a little different from what the audience expects to hear from me. I think that it could be the masterpiece of my life.

SFR: Electronic music aside, what else is there?


Mena: Most of the time, I listen to R&B. I’m a true fan of Jesse Boykins III. Maybe I will remix one of his songs.


SFR: Mr Mena, in a few sentences, tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


Mena: With this mix for Smelly Feet, I wanted to bring you on a route of development of my sound in the past few years. It will be a mix of House, African House, Techno and Tech-House.. I was very excited to make this mix and I hope that you will like it. You can listen this mix at your car, or even at your friends house... haha. Enjoy!

End Interview

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