Exclusive Mix: Andrey Loud

April 30, 2017

Artist Interview: Andrey Loud

City: Moscow

Country: Russia

Genre: Underground House Music

Hardware: MacBook Pro 15, Ableton Push, Motu 828 mkII, Sennheiser HD 650, Event 20/20 bas v2, M-Audio Keystation 49

Software: Ableton Live 

Label: Propaganda, Megapolis 89.5 FM 

Andrey - tell us about Moscow. How did you make a name for yourself in the scene?

Moscow is the city where my family was originally from, and I was born here. When I started my DJ career in 2004, the scene was pretty small. I mean, there were a lot of good clubs but everyone was playing Vinyl at that time and you actually knew almost every DJ in the city. For me, DJing and building up my type of sound and style was what really helped me put together all of my ideas for music production. I released my first EP in 2006 on a French record label run by DJ Fex - Robotronic Recordings. The release got great support by Russian DJs. At that moment, I entered the local scene and started to make more and more music, meet new and interesting people and play amazing parties. It’s what really helped me really grow as an artist.

Could you tell us a little bit more about electronic music and the events in your city. What are some of the barriers that are faced when trying to develop underground culture?

There are a few promo teams with their own strong community who run good parties with good music at the same venues. I can say that in Moscow, right now there are only two or maybe three good clubs. What can I say about barriers? Maybe the government, who has put hard pressure on the club industry in the past and has cancelled the best underground festivals and parties in Moscow. But now I think the situation is getting better!



"I get inspired by the process of discovering new music and creating a story with it."


You’ve been releasing podcasts on Megapolis FM for over 1 year now. How did this residency come about?

Yeah, this June will be 2 years of my weekly radio-podcast. I met the guys from the radio and they asked me if i’m cool to do a weekly Thursday night residency, and of course I said yes. I always wanted to represent my vision on radio, and for me it’s like challenging myself to present quality stuff every week.


Pulling off a podcast with such high quality is difficult. Can you take us through your process of selecting tracks? In your opinion, what makes a good track?

I just dig and dig almost every day and find new stuff on different online stores. I think that it’s amazing that now i’m discovering much more music every week, compared to the time when I just recording podcasts or making mixtapes every two months. The first few months when I started my radio-podcast, I was scared a bit, but then I just locked in the rhythm and now it feels easy and interesting. I get inspired by the process of discovering new music and creating a story with it. I just need to feel the track. if it’s good, it catches my ear. I love the groove and harmony and simplicity of all the sounds together.

We also notice that you like to release Vinyl only mixes. How does the process of selecting Vinyl differ than selecting from Digital?

I was playing Vinyl from 2004 until 2007 or 08, and at that time the process of selection and discovering new music was really different, especially in the beginning. Now I think the process of selection and discovering new tracks is almost the same with Digital, because it’s all over the internet. There are online stores like Deejay.de and Juno for Vinyl, and Beatport Pro for Digital. I feel that now I can find a lot more amazing music only on Vinyl, and that the ‘Vinyl only’ market is growing and has big potential. It’s really good from both sides for me as a DJ and as a producer. For the last 4 months I have gotten 58 new Vinyl records, and a few weeks ago I decided to put some of these records in a full Vinyl episode of my radio-show. I think it’s been really cool so far! :)

"DJing and building up my type of sound and style was what really helped me put together all of my ideas for music production."


Andrey - we want to know a little more about you. Speak freely on any topic you want.

I’ll talk about my other hobbies and passions. I love winter. The phrase ‘winter is coming,’ is not just a phrase for me, because I love going Alpine Free Skiing. I love to shred some powder or some piste. I have wide twintip skis so i’m getting maximum fun by being on the mountain and from being immersed in nature. Every winter, my wife and I go to the Caucasus mountains in Sochi.

If you were a music score, which one would you be?

I would be the sheet music for the keyboard part to ‘Sometimes’ by Erikah Badhu.



"I always wanted to represent my vision on radio...it’s like challenging myself to present quality stuff every week."


Andrey, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This mixtape I made for Smelly Feet Records is a full Vinyl only mix, and it’s just some of my favourite tracks from my ever growing collection! Enjoy! :)

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