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Exclusive Mix & Interview

April 10th, 2018


City: Munich

Country: Germany

Genre: Disco / House / Techno

Label: Audaz Records




Alkalino. Introduce yourself to our audience and tell us a little bit about your history as an artist.

I'm a DJ and a music producer originally from Lisbon. I have been living in Munich, Germany for 14 years now. I started DJ'ing after buying my first set of turntables in 1988 and had my first DJ residency in 1991. I released my first record in 1996 through an alter ego: "Lo-fi - Reflections E.P", its on Discogs :)

I toured the world as a DJ and plan to do so until my last breath (hopefully).


Soundcloud, what happened there? Did you really lose your account?

I've been in the process of moving to a new flat and on that day I was doing a lot of stuff at once. Because of being logged in on Google and wanting to delete the Soundcloud page from a digital label I had closed some years ago, I ended up deleting my main account instead.

alkalino, audaz records, intervie, techno, tech-hose, disco

"I toured the world as a DJ and plan to do so until my last breath."




What was the first thing you did when you realized your account could not be accessed? How did you feel?

Half an hour later after being deleted, the account was frozen by Soundcloud. Tracks started to disappear until there were none left. I was in a mix state of sadness, frustration, and anger.

Now that you have your Soundcloud account back, what opinions do you have towards the importance of having a strong online presence? Is it different? The same? Any enlightening insight you have to share about your recent incident?


Soundcloud proceeds well and freezes the account to make sure it wasn't a case of hacking or closed by mistake (like in my case). I think that in this day and age, an online presence is very important, but still releasing music in any way is the most important thing to achieve acknowledgement.


DJ's are still booked by the music they make and not for how good of a DJ they are. Followers, likes, and all that are still counted for but are not decisive. Nothing changed much on my perspective. I would say, be aware and double check when pressing "delete account", which is pretty obvious actually.

Your first recorded set dates back to 1991. What media outlets were available to share music back then? How did you do things differently to reach a wider audience and establish your name as a DJ?



I'm from Lisbon, and back then, other than in clubs, there were only radio stations where one could share music. Nothing has changed much from then to now. If you release a record and your record is charted, you become known and make a name for yourself.

alkalino, audaz records, intervie, techno, tech-hose, disco


"...releasing music in any way is the most important thing to achieve acknowledgement."




Can you tell us, in your opinion, some of the positive and negatives regarding the impact social media has on being an artist?

I don't want to focus on the negative ones. I think people are well aware of an artist's music and music in general is available to everyone at a click and so it should be.

How would you improve available online platforms to better benefit the needs of up and coming artists, given your extensive experience.

There was a time when I wanted platforms like Soundcloud and Bandcamp to have a better stance towards copyright laws, but then again, the world is a bit medieval and the laws we have are still from the 1990’s. Besides, in this mad Capitalistic world we live in, music can not succumb to that too. But to be honest, the fact that i’m not doing edits anymore made me forget about this issue.


There are some minor pieces of advice I would give to Bandcamp, but in general i’m happy with every single avenue in where my artistry is available. Being it Spotify, online shops or platforms to share new music.

What is your Soundcloud password? 

Are you guys really asking me what my Soundcloud password is?

Alkalino, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration? Is there anything special you want the audience to know?

This is a mix of some of my edits and reworks. I tried to mix some of my less known ones. Hope u guys like it.

alkalino, audaz records, intervie, techno, tech-hose, disco
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