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Ale Castro

Age : 28      Sex : Male      Zodiac :  Scorpio      Country : Argentina      City : Cordoba

Type : Exclusive mix      Genre : House and Techno      Hardware : Technics SL-1200



Smelly Feet Records: Any nicknames you go by, if so, how did they come about?


Ale Castro: Well, good question for starting the interview, I am very restless, all the time exploring different musical genres and listening to all kinds of music. I collect music during my travels around the globe and also material sent by my friends from across the galaxy (who are also restless like me). This has led me to create various musical projects, some of which are more important than others, and some holding more energy than others. These all helped pave the path on which I'm walking today. Let me name some of them which I'm still working on.

''I took all these sounds and used them to create a sound that represents who I am - fun, freaky, groovy, raw, and smooth.''

Ale Castro - Yeah, this is my short name with my real last name, perhaps the most important, or perhaps the one in which the most time has elapsed in my life with me using it. I used to produce and play House and Techno, collecting my favorite musical pieces from Chicago and Detroit, from genres like Acid, Minimal, Micro House, Breaks, Dub Techno and Electro. I took all these sounds and used them to create a sound that represents who I am -  fun, freaky, groovy, raw and smooth. With the name Ale Castro, I released on well known labels based in Germany, Italy, Spain, Argentina and the UK, in digital format and on vinyl. I have played with many artists that I respect a lot, travelled and met many great people. I relate this name with everything I do, which is also the only source of monetary income for my life. This makes me very happy, being able to live doing what I love.

I also did some live-acts during 2008 to 2010 but i got tired of it. I always get tired of playing the same songs and I was too lazy to work on new songs. But now that has changed and I am still groovin :)

Freak Castro - my freak side

In South America we have a rhythm called Cumbia, a sexy latin dance playing at approx. 90 bpms. I used to mix this latin music with electronic instruments to create some weird and eclectic mixes between the roots and the futuristic sounds, and also did some remixes to show to the crowd a different way to dance to your favorite songs. All the gigs with Freak Castro are really crazy and funny. I also did some live-acts with a full band which included a bass, guitar, keytar, drums, percussion, MC´s etc... playing live keyboards and singing like shit, but everyone on the dance floor was always having fun, and that is what really matters to me. Leave the auto tune for the others haha.


Rhythm & Substance - the soundtrack of my childhood

Inspired by all the audio tapes I listened to when I was a child, especially Video Kids, and the experiences of my real life, I decided to start producing deeper songs, melancholic and galactic, with many retro sounds that remind me of the disco music I listened to when I was a little boy.

I share this project with one of my heart brothers, Stephanos, who is one of the best humans you can meet in this world, and also the person who helps me with the musical arrangements in most of my songs. We became a little bit lazy with our productions, but this was because of the distance that separates us. However, a few months ago we made it on the Beatport Top 100, and this has motivated us to work on new music.

''Playing naked at Fusion some years ago, or maybe appearing on Russian TV, or perhaps visiting more than 30 countries thanks to my music, or maybe just making people happy with something that comes from within my heart''

Slow Disko - the new form

Afters years of party rocking and collecting vinyls, along with my buddy Nicolas Behler, we decided to take low bpms, incorporate shamanic atmospheres, and explore our most private and select collection of records. The type of records that perhaps we have always wanted to play, but never found place. This project was born at Fusion Festival, as a code between brothers, united by music. Now Slow Disko is growing and we have added new members like Blacky Grasa Dahbar for a future live show. We are preparing a tour for 2015. It Is really beautiful when u can connect with people in this slow and soft way to play music. 45 rpm? neeee, we like 33 rpm!!!


SFR: What are some of the crazy trends you have witnessed from past years. Did you or any of your friends go through anything like that


Ale: In Argentina we use an expression that says, “Living in a jar”. It's kind of the opposite as to what I do. I am rarely watching television, and I'm not a person who is very interested in what is happening with popular culture. In my country we were tormented by emos, floggers, dubstep, commercial music, latin music, Justin Bieber, and many trends that really did not appeal much to my attention. I am a person who was always more aware of what goes on in Europe, or at least most of my vinyls are European stamps. I think maybe some of my friends became vegetarian because it was kind of a trend too, but i guess I am more interested in music and not in what my friends are eating


In my personal experience, I became a Justin Bieber fan, but the motherfucker cancelled his show 15 minutes before having started, so after this bad experience I decided to not be part of anything popular anymore. The Backstreets Boys open air was cancelled in Berlin too, and that just proves I’m thinking the right way.

SFRWhat jobs have you done other than being an artist?


Ale: To be honest, NOTHING. I only know how play records and make people happy, I studied and trained to become a professional chef, but i never used my skills to make money. I just like to cook for my friends, and I’m thinking that maybe one day I can open my own restaurant. Who knows.


SFR: When you are not working, what are you doing?


Ale: Normally, I’m very busy all time. Just listening to music takes a lot of time. Also making music, selecting music to play for all my projects and managing my bookings because I’m still independent. When I do have time, I like to read books, ride my bike, play video games, smoke weed, and enjoy my friends and family when I’m at home. I'm not the type of person to play sports. Dancing is enough of a sport for me.

SFRTell us about your best and worst gig


Ale: Pffft. It is really hard to select only one. To be honest, I like all of my gigs. I’d have to say though, that at Fusion Festival, the atmosphere and the energy is fucking amazing, and it is the place where you can express yourself very widely and people are prepared to receive it.

Also i loved the gig I played in 2012 at Kater Holzig in Berlin and all my gigs in Russia were always fun... and hungover.


As for the worst gigs, they are the ones where you cannot connect with people or the promoter has no idea. He has hired you and only invites you to perform as an artist because you are popular or because he thinks there is money that he can earn with you being there. Usually the public involved is not appropriate and don’t give a shit what are you doing behind the decks. Of course there is also those times when promoters are impolite, the  sound systems are bad or the turntables are broken. I guess when you feel comfortable with the gig, it doesn’t matter if you play for 5 or 100,000 people, you can enjoy it, and the people can enjoy it too.

SFR: What accomplishment in your career to date are you most proud of


Ale: Maybe playing naked at Fusion some years ago, or maybe appearing on Russian TV, or perhaps visiting more than 30 countries thanks to my music, or maybe just making people happy with something that comes from within my heart.


SFR: If you were an animal, what would you be.


Ale: Panda, Bear or a Tiger… or maybe a mix of the two... kind of a Tiger Bear maybe… yeah.


SFR: What were you doing the last time you looked at a clock and realized you lost all track of time?

Ale: Mmm, I don’t use a clock, but to be honest this year I spent too much time at Sisyphos, Berghain, and record shops around Berlin. I've also woken up drunk in many suburbs in Russia, where, besides losing track of time, I lost my sense of direction, and the functionality of my liver. Sometimes I speak with my friends and I say: ¨hey it’s Monday, it’s pizza day,¨ and they say to me ¨Ale, it’s Wednesday¨. Oops, I did it again.


SFR: Ale, in a few sentences. Tell us about this mix you made for us. Where did you get your inspiration. Is there anything special you want the audience to know?


Ale: About the mix, I get inspired by my very long weekends at Sisyphos’ Wintergarten and Berghain Panorama Bar, where I always listen to good house music which is my favorite genre. The tracks in the mix are all tracks are promos from my friends and labels, some of my own tracks, and some of my new vinyls that I bought on my last trip to Europe. Classic & groovy.



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